Address & Directions

The Club's address is: Highcrest Avenue, Gatley, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 4HD.

Please click here see the map on the home page.

The Club is situated on a small housing estate just off Hollyhedge Road; the Club sits in the heart of the estate and can be accessed from either of two opposite ends.

The Club can be accessed on foot or bicycle via the passageway just off High Crest Avenue. There is a gate to access the passageway which has a combination lock (members have access to the code). Cars are not permitted along the passageway.

If you are travelling by car to the Club, please see the section below on parking.


There is off-road parking available in the Club's dedicated car park which also has disabled spaces. The car park is accessible via the end of Penrhos Avenue (a cul-de-sac), through a gate (to which members have a key) and then and you walk through the tennis courts to reach the clubhouse (there is a combination lock on the perimeter gate of the courts - members have access to the code). The passageway for cars at the end of Penrhos Avenue is quite narrow, and on a slope, so please drive carefully. There is ample parking. The car park is also shared wih the Bowls Club. We encourage visitors and members to use the car park rather than parking on the roads around the estate. The car park is unlocked on match days and members can be given access to a key for the car park gate.