Here's a selection of questions we often get asked, and our response:


How do I join Baxter Park & Brookside Tennis Club?

You can easily join using the online membership feature - please follow this link to the membership page.

Is there any membership discount available?

Yes, there is an "Early Bird" discount available if you renew or apply for new membership - to qualify for the discounted fees, the full amount must be received before May 31st - please follow this link to the membership page.

How do I renew my Club membership?

You can easily renew your membership using the onine membership feature - please follow this link to the membership page.

Is there a family membership?

Yes, there are various family membership packages available and the Club is very family-friendly - please follow this link to the membership page.

Can I join for part of the year rather than paying for a full year's membership?

Yes, certainly -  you can join for just the portion of the remaining membership cycle - please email us using this link to find out more.

What are the benefits of Club membership?

There are many benefits to being a member of the Club - here are just a few:
- almost unlimited use of the tennis courts all season round, weather permitting
- improve your tennis skills, including discounts on tennis coaching
- opportunities to join the competetive tennis league teams
- access to many social events / make new friends / networking
- increased fitness and self-esteem

Is there a membership age limit?

There is no upper age limit for membership and all ages are welcome - the Club has a broad age range amongst members. As an individual, you just need to decide if you are medically fit and well to play tennis. There is also no lower age limit to join and play but young players do need parental supervision as with any other sport. Young members are very welcome at the Club.

Do I have to pay my membership fees in one go or can I split the payments over several months?

Fees can now be paid in full or split over a maximum of 3 monthly payments in April, May & June.   

Why should I join Baxter Park & Brookside Brookside Tennis Club rather than another local club?

There are other local tennis clubs in the area, relatively nearby, although Baxter Park and Brookside is in the only tennis club in Gatley and we pride ourselves on being a very friendly and family orientated club that aims to provide a fulfilling membership experience including fun and competitive tennis and an excellent social element. We would strongly recommend coming down to the Club in person or with your family and friends to see what we have to offer as we think the club is quite unique.


How many courts do you have?

There are 4 full size tennis courts (tarmac, all weather surface) and 1 mini tennis court (also all weather).

Do you have a clubhouse and bar?

There is a compact club house with a kitchen and seating area, mens' and womens' changing and toilets. There is no bar.

Is there off-road parking available?

Yes, there is off-road parking available in the Club's dedicated car park which also has 2 disabled spaces. The car park is accessible via the end of Penrhos Avenue (a cul-de-sac) and you walk through the tennis courts to reach the clubhouse. The passageway for cars is quite narrow, and on a slope, so please drive carefully. There is ample parking for 10 cars. The car park is also shared wih the Bowls Club. We encourage visitors and members to use the car park rather than parking on the roads around the estate. The car park is unlocked on match days and members can be given access to a key for the car park gate. Click here for a map of the parking.

Are the tennis courts floodlit?

No, the tennis courts do not feature flood lights; however, this does not significanly impair opportunities for playing and competitive matches are still played in the Spring and Summer evenings without floodlights.


I'm an adult looking to take up tennis for the first time, how can I get started?

It's really easy and there a number of ways to help you.

One way is to join in the Great British Tennis Weekend -The Great British Tennis Weekend is hosted by a number of venues up and down the country including Baxter Park & Brookside in Gatley and there are nationally supported weekends in May (12th & 13th) and July (21st & 22nd). Please follow this link.

Another way is simply to contact us and we discuss this in more detail and perhaps arrange for a trial session at the Club. Please contact us here.

I have a medical condition - can I play tennis?

Please seek advice from your GP if you have a medical condition and wish to play tennis. Tennis is an inclusive sport and can be played on many levels.


How is my personal information protected?

The Club makes every effort and has a duty of care to protect members' personal information. Please see the privacy policy link.


Does the Club have a Safeguarding Policy?

Yes it does - please follow the link to the Club's Policies web page for more details.

Does the Club have a Whistleblowing Policy?

Yes it does - please follow the link to the Club's Policies web page for more details.

Does the Club have a policy on diversity and inclusion?

Yes it does - please follow the link to the Club's Policies web page for more details.