Club Championships Sunday 17 September 2023

Thank you to everyone who attended the Club Championships Finals day and particular thanks to those who helped with umpiring, salads and general support. We had some top tennis and fabulous food. The rain caused us to change the schedule a little and we have 6 matches outstanding yet to play.    If anyone has any photos to share from the event, please send to Wendy on 07808 732531 or

For the winners, please can you return your trophies so that we can assess them all and decide which ones need replacing or need a new base for names. We will have to purchase some new trophies so if you would like to donate one, please let us know. In the past people have sponsored a cup which means some are named and that works well for a lasting legacy.

The results were:

Event                                     Winner                                               Runner Up

Mens A Singles                    Mark Van Loon                                             Joost Boona

Mens A Doubles                  James Dollery & Andrew Hales                 John Turner & Jonathan Azern

Ladies A Singles                   Robyn Went                                               Amelie Sargeant

Ladies B Singles                   Jade Quelch                                                 Katie Dighe

Ladies A Doubles                 Amelie Sargent & Niki Harris                 Helen Evans & Anna Taylor

Mixed A Doubles                 Andrew Holford & Wendy Cartledge.     Jonathan Azern & Helen Evans

Mixed B Doubles                 Robert McGowan & Carol Veronique     Richard Worker and Claire Reynolds


Mini Red                              Charles Mehta                                              Yia Guan

Mini Orange                        Charles Mehta                                              Evan Khare

U11 Boys Singles                  Shaan Pathak                                               Matthew Thompson

U11 Girls Singles                  Isabella Buhrkohl                                          Florence RIchardson

U11 Boys Doubles               Shaan Pathak & Tony Guckian                   Jack Norris & (Isabella Buhrkohl)

U13 Boys Singles                 James Cameron                                           Zach Spielman

U13 Boys Doubles              James Cameron & Zach Spielmann            Romir Pathak & Yusef Hoda

U15 Boys Singles                 Zach Spielmann                                            James Cameron

U15 Girls Singles                 Isabella Buhrkohl                                         Lottie Richardson

U18 Boys SIngles                Hugo Dighe                                                 Laurie Gawne

U18 Girls Singles                Beth Gilmour                                              Lauren Milmo

U18 Boys Doubles             Monty Evans & Rowan Gawne                  Laurie Gawne & Deelan Vala

U18 Girls Doubles             Emily & Beth Gilmour                                Lauren Milmo & Ella Yates

Special Awards

Championship Trophy        Amelie Sargent

Godwin's Junior Award       Charlie Mehta & Evan Khare

Matches yet to play/complete

Mini Green                           Alexander Davies / Hannah Forrest / Aura Lee Fong

U15 Boys Doubles                Zach Spielmann & James Cameron vs Charles Crooks & William Lindeque

Mens B Singles                     Graeme Warren vs Robert McGowan

Mens B Doubles                    Aleks Jatsenko & Graeme Warren vs David Bocquet & Richard Monnington

Ladies B Doubles                   Rosemary Bennet & Carol Veronique vs Tanya Hales & Clare Holford

Mixed A Doubles                   Jonathan Azern & Helen Evans vs Andy Holford & Wendy Cartledge


Championships Sunday 3rd July 2022

The winners were,

Mens Singles.                                  Paul Chapman

Ladies Singles                                  Niki Harris

Over 45 Mens Singles                   Alex Lorenz

Mens Doubles                                 Paul Chapman and John Turner

Ladies Doubles                                Deirdre Cope and Linda Tan

Mixed Doubles                                Paul Chapman and Linda Tan

Vets Mixed Doubles                       Andrew Holford and Wendy Cartledge

Social Ladies Doubles                    Susan Glenn and Carol Veronique


8&U Mixed Singles                        Beau Martini Saunders                                                 

9&U Mixed Singles                         Hannah Forrest

10&U Mixed Singles                       Isabella Buhrkohl

11&U Mixed Singles                         Zach Hashemi

11&U Mixed Doubles                      Isabella Buhrkohl & Elsa Gilmour

13&U Boys Singles                          Zach Spielmann

13&U Girls Singles                           Alice Atkinson

13&U Boys Doubles                         still to be played

15&U Boys Singles                            Hugo Dighe

15&U Boys Doubles                          Ben Cameron & Deelan Vala

18&U Boys Singles                           Hugo Dighe

18&U Boys Doubles                        Harry Cartledge and Mohan Mehta

18&U Gilrs Doubles                         Beth Gilmour & Emily Gilmour


The Presidents Cup.                         Paul Chapman

Godwins Cup                                     Zach Spielmann


Details of the individual events can be found by cutting and pasting  the following link,