Tennis is a game to be enjoyed and to have fun.  However, there will generally be other people on adjacent courts who might be taking their tennis more seriously, or even playing a competition match.  There are therefore certain courtesies that should be observed in order to make the game enjoyable for everyone.



Off Court

Please think about the members playing on the courts and endeavour to keep noise within suitable bounds.

Do not walk too closely behind a court while a point is in progress.  Wait until the point is over.

If you are going onto a court to play, wait until a point is completed before opening the gate and pay the same respect on leaving.

If a ball is hit out of court and you are kind enough to return it, wait until the point is completed.



On Court

If a ball strays onto your court during a point:

You can call a let, providing this is done immediately before hitting the ball.  Once you have hit the ball you cannot say you were distracted.

Do not return the ball to the place of origin until it is in order to do so i.e. after the point is completed on the next court.

It is common courtesy not to disrupt players on court during a match. If your ball rolls onto an adjacent court, wait for them to finish the game.  Under no circumstances should you run onto their court in the middle of a game to retrieve the ball yourself.

Always keep your court clear of balls even between serves.  If you step on a ball during play it could be dangerous.

Always ensure that all of the balls being played with are sent to the server’s end before the next game commences.

When sending balls to the other end of the court pass them along gently, your opponents might not be looking.

If you are playing and there is another game taking place on the next court, please keep an eye on the number of balls on your court and pass any surplus back.

If a first serve is out you should try not to return the serve and either let it pass to the back of the court or guide it into the net.

The server should always call out the score.