Annual Subscriptions & Joining Fees

There is currently no joining fee for new Members.

The subscription year begins on 1st March, but new Members will only pay a proportion of the Annual Subscription Fee if joining after 1st October. This will be based on the number of months remaining in the subscription year. If joining after the 1st January 2021 you will be expected to pay for 1 or 2 months and also for the full year following. 

There are two basic categories of membership – Playing and Non-playing. It is essential you read our Membership Information before completing your application form.

Once you've read the Membership Information please download and complete the appropriate form below and return to the Membership Secretary using one of the options described on the form.


Playing & Non-Playing Membership Annual Subscription Fees for 2020/21



Download Membership Application Form (new members)
PLEASE NOTE: This editable PDF application form must be downloaded and saved to your computer before you can complete it and re-save it, otherwise it will save as blank.

FAMILY: £260pa

A Playing Membership for husband and wife, partnerships and single parents and as many of their children under the age of 18* years, or those in full time attendance at a recognised educational establishment under the age of 25* years, as they wish to include.  On reaching the age of 18* or 25* years of age, as applicable, a child must take up Senior Membership in their own right. 

Explanatory Note: Husband and wife and partnerships without eligible children are considered to be two seniors.

SENIOR: £140pa

An individual Playing Membership for persons aged 18* years or over.

JUNIOR: £50pa

An individual Playing Membership for persons under the age of 18* years, or under the age of 25* years if in full-time attendance at a recognised educational establishment.

Please note:  The Management Committee reserves the right to ask for proof of full-time attendance at a recognised educational establishment, if aged between 18 and 24.

SOCIAL: £20pa

A Membership for persons who shall be entitled to use and enjoy the entire Club facilities and activities except the playing of tennis.

COUNTRY: One third of the appropriate subscriptions 

A Playing Membership for existing Members with full membership, who have had to move to a new home outside the Kent county boundary. The number of places available shall be limited to ten and will not be included in the total number of persons registered as Playing Members. Country Members may attend and speak at General Meetings of the Club but do not have a vote and are not eligible to represent the Club in league matches. 

* Age on 1st March of the membership year.