BHTC Pathway

Our Junior Programme includes 3 main session types:

  • Youth Squads - for juniors who typically play once a week for improvement, fun and social benefits. 
  • Player Squads - for juniors who play more than once a week who are able to demonstrate proficient strokes and basic tactics. Players are typically members who take part in club teams and internal tournaments. 
  • Competitor Squads - for club member juniors who play more than twice a week with advanced techniques and compete regularly. 

How are invitations allocated?

In order to start taking part in a Player Squad, the coaching team will usually be assessing a variety of factors including:

  1. Demonstrating an enjoyment of the game including playing / observing tennis outside the coaching sessions on a consistent basis. 
  2. Being 'teachable' - listening well and applying the instructions with maximum effort. 
  3. Having a technically and tactically proficient game (for their age).

In order to take part in a Competitor Squad, the requirements are more rigorous and it is vital to the integrity of these sessions that we follow these:

  1. Aspires to progress further. Typically to a County/Regional level and/or towards higher Senior teams for older juniors.
  2. Trains more than twice a week.
  3. Competes on a regular basis (every month).
  4. Plays with advanced techniques. 

Recommendations for player progression are made by the coaching team, however any parents wishing to enquire on their child's progress (or ask about any steps needed) are always welcome to get in touch.