Junior Drop Off and Supervision

When enrolling on our Squad Programme, every parent fills out a registration form stating whether their child can leave the session on their own or be collected. If this information has not been provided, it is assumed for all children of primary school age that they cannot leave by themselves. Below are our arrival and departure procedures. 

  • At the beginning of a session parents of children aged 11 and below must not leave their children unattended until the coach has set up all necessary equipment and called the children on to court.
  • At the end of the session, parents must come to the court entrance  to collect their child. The child cannot leave the area to check to see if their parents are there.
  • Sometimes, due to poor weather, sessions need to be cancelled  whilst underway. In this circumstance, a WhatsApp / group update must be sent to the parents chat informing parents of the cancellation. In this instance the coach will take the children to the clubhouse which is the new collection point. Parents are reminded to monitor their phones during sessions in case of cancellation.
  • Should a junior need the toilet during the session, 8U's will be escorted by a Tennis Leader, Tennis Assistant, or Coach to the toilet if their parent isn’t on site but they will wait outside the changing room doors. For players aged 9-11 the coach will ensure line of sight to the clubhouse entrance. 

Parents are reminded that Mini players must be accompanied by an adult all times when on club premises, and it is their responsibility to ensure this outside of coaching sessions.