Bishop’s Castle Tennis Club, LTA - accredited coaches from 'We Do Tennis', look forward to helping you enjoy and improve your tennis.


Bishop’s Castle Tennis Club wants everyone to enjoy tennis, irrespective of age or ability. Coaching is a big part of our Club. We have ambitious plans to build a dedicated coaching court and tennis wall.

What’s in it for you

Whatever your reasons for wanting to begin a coaching session …

  • Haven’t played before and want to learn the game?
  • Haven’t played for a long time and want to refresh your skills and improve fitness?
  • Play already and want to build on your tennis skills?

…  we have something to offer all ages and all ability levels, whether it’s group lessons or personalised coaching.

Expert Coaching

All of our coaching is provided by LTA - accredited coaches from 'We Do Tennis', who are planning a coaching programme - For more information please click here.


Bursaries are available for Junior/Youth memberships. 

Participants  in both Junior/Youth and Adult coaching are  required to be Club members. 

Safe and Secure

Our LTA - accredited coaches have all the essential First Aid and Safeguarding requirements.


Don’t worry if you have missed the start of a course, or cannot find a programme that suits you, just let us know. And please contact us for further information about Youth or Adult tennis coaching, Holiday Camps or Taster sessions.