Club Calendar


Sunday 07th Oct 2018:  LTA Junior Tournament - please see October Club news for more info.

Sunday 14th Oct 2018:  LTA Junior Tournament

Friday 19th Oct 2018:  Club Social Curry Night -see above

Wednesday 24th Oct 2018:  AGM

Sunday 11th Nov 2018:  LTA Junior Tournament

Monday 26th Nov 2018:  Committee meeting.  Members welcome for first 30 mins.

Sunday 2nd Dec 2018:  LTA Junior Tournament

Friday 28th Dec 2018:  Xmas American Tournament- see PLAY

Wednesday 20th Feb 2019:  Committee meeting.  Members welcome for first 30 mins

Sunday 10th March:  LTA Junior Tournament  U14 11-2pm  Boys  2-2pm Girls

Sunday 24th March:  LTA Junior Tournament U16  Boys

Saturday 20th April:  Wimbledon ballot

Friday 26th April:  Junior social 4 - 5.30pm- see PLAY

Sunday 28th April 2019:  LTA Junior Tournament U12 Boys

Monday 6th May 2019:  American tournament- see PLAY

Sunday 19th May 2019:  Club Open day 11 - 2pm 

Friday 31st May 2019:  Junior social 4 - 5.30pm

Thursday 13th June 2019:  Committee meeting 8pm

Sunday 16th June 2019:  LTA Junior Tournament U12 Boys- Higher grade tournament

Saturday 22nd June 2019:  Bovingdon Primary Academy Summer Fayre- tennis club there from 12.30pm

Friday 28th June 2019:  Junior social 4 - 5.30pm

Sunday 07th July 2019:  Mixed Doubles Tournament at Grosvenor Lawn Tennis Club with Pimms & BBQ

Please click this link for more information:  Mixed Doubles Tournament

Friday 12th July 2019:  American tournament with BBQ - see PLAY

Friday 26th July 2019:  Junior social 4 - 5.30pm

Sunday 11th Aug 2019:  LTA Junior Tournament U12 & U16 Boys

Friday 30th Aug:  Junior social 4 - 5.30pm

Sunday 08th September:  Club Champs Finals Day

Wednesday 18th Sep:  Committee meeting 7.30pm

Friday 27th Sep:  Junior social 4 - 5.30pm

Wednesday 23rd Oct:  Tennis Club AGM 7.30pm

Please click here for the agenda: