Club Presidents and Champions from recent years are listed in the table below.

For a full list, since the club was established in 1922, download - Presidents and Champions


Season President Men's Singles Tennis Champion Women's Singles Tennis Champion Men's Squash Champion Women's Squash Champion
2010/11  C.MacKelvie C.J.Mathewson C.Young N.L.Turnbull A.H.Thomson
2011/12 C.MacKelvie D.Lamont K.M.Sadler D.Lamont A.Taylor
2012/13 S.D.Allbutt C.J.Mathewson C.MacKelvie A.Marshall A.Taylor
2013/14 S.D.Allbutt D.Lamont C.MacKelvie E.Henderson A.Taylor
2014/15 G.Clark D.Lamont C.MacKelvie E.Henderson A.H.Thomson
2015/16 G.Clark D.Lamont C.MacKelvie E.Henderson A.Taylor
2016/17 C.Campbell D.Lamont C.MacKelvie D.Lamont M.Russell
2017/18 C.Campbell C.J.Mathewson C.MacKelvie D.Lamont A.Taylor
2018/19 J.Grant D.Lamont K.Kasem D.Lamont A.Taylor
2019/20 J.Grant C.J.Mathewson C.MacKelvie Not competed Not competed
2020/21 J.Long D.Lamont E.Phillips Not competed Not competed
2021/22 J.Long R.Phillips E.Phillips R.Phillips M.Russell
2022/23 J.Long R.Phillips E.Phillips R.Phillips M.Russell