Adult Social Sessions - Currently Suspended due to Covid 19

Format and Rules

The Adult Mix Ins are held on Wednesday from 7pm until 10pm and Sunday from 10am until noon.

The format may vary, but usually after a brief warm up whilst waiting for other players to arrive, the group is split into fours.   Each group of four plays eight games with a killer deuce point on all games. This is to ensure each four finishes at approximately the same time.

Players are then mixed again for another eight games, then repeated.

If players arrive later for the Mix In whilst a set of eight games is in progress, they can warm up on a spare court (subject to availability) and then be ready to mix-in for the next set of eight games.

During the social sessions all five courts are booked out (unless there is a club match).  Individual members wishing to play their own private matches will only be permitted to do so after the social session has ended, but they are of course welcome to join in the social session as well.

How good do you have to be to attend a Mix In?

Players wishing to attend the Mix Ins should be able to return a ball and rally reasonably well, but if in any doubt, you are welcome to come along and we’ll have the organisers assess your ability and advise further or organise games to ensure you are matched with players of similar ability, so the session can be enjoyed by all.

Generally we find the less experienced players lack confidence and are actually much better than they think they are. These are exactly the kind of players we want to come to the social sessions. The Mix In is a great opportunity to practice the game, meet other members, improve your game and build confidence.

How do you find out who is coming along?

There is a Mix In WhatsApp group and notification on the club’s Facebook page. If you join the WhatsApp group you will see who is going to each session and you will also hear if the session is called off due to bad weather. 

Contact Nigel to join the list and for further info:

Social Tennis Organiser - Nigel Hillyard | P: 07787 565045 | E: