Club Cabin

Cabin Access

All Adult/ Student members are entitled to request a cabin key for access to the club cabin. To do so please email requesting a copy of the key and attaching a signed copy of the Key issue security policy which can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Cabin Key Form

The Cabin

The Club Cabin has no running water and no toilet facilities. For water and toilet facilities please use the main Chepstow Athletic Club building. (limited opening hours)

The noticeboard of all upcoming events and club procedures is on the left wall of the cabin. If you utilise anything from within the Cabin please put it back from where it was found and leave tidy for other members to use.

First Aid

The Clubs first aid kit is currently located on the outside of the cabin. If you require any first aid equipment from the Kit please contact facilities to let them know what has been used so it can be replaced

The Club also has a defibrilator available on site in case of emergencies