Racket Restringing

Looking after your Tennis racket is an important part of maintaining and improving your game.

If you need your racket re-stringing, please drop it off with our head coach Jane (on a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday) and she will get the racket re-strung for you via YC Sports in Cardiff. Once ready, Jane will let you know and you can collect it from her at the club.

If you would like to speak with Jane, please contact her on:
07845 291993 / coach@chepstowtennis.club 

If you have any particular string requirements/questions, please contact Jean at YC Sports on:
02920 237968 sales@ycsports.com


YC Sports Tennis String Pricelist (Guide)

PLEASE NOTE: These prices are set by YC Sports, not Chepstow Tennis Club so are only to be used as a guide. Please contact Jane or YC Sports directly for accurate pricing.


£15.00 per racket - Dynawire 130 1.3mm this nylon Monofilament string has a textured finish for greater repulsion, and power. Wrapped in a heat resistant metal film to increase the durability 

£15.00 per racket - Polytour Tough 1.25mm Poly Tour Tough is built for great durability without sacrificing performance. This polyester rnonofilament is finished with a high polymer polyester. This is a good all-round string that will sue club level players well 

£17.00 per racket - Polytour Drive 125 1.25mm Polyester monofilament designed for durability Ideal for hybrid stringing 

£19.00 per racket - PolyTour Pro 16LG (1.25rnm) (Blue and Yellow) monofilament polyester string.
Durable comfortable string to avoid fatigue 

£20.00 per racket - PolyTour As 16LG (1.25rnm) monofilament polyester string.
Plush elastomer enhances shock resistance and repulsion for ex. comfort 

£23.00 per racket - PolyTour Fire 16LG (1.25mm) monofilament string.
Intermediate-to-advanced players hitting heavier spin 

£24.00 per racket - Polytour Stoke 125 A polyester monofilament designed for competitive Players who rapidly fire attacking shots at fast swing speeds. Provides minimal performance decline even after competitive play 

£24.00 per racket - Rexis Improved power, repulsion, and durability with the innovative FRF production process The world's first string with more flexible polyurethane material FORTIMO(TM) 

£25.00 per racket - Multisensa Designed for ultimate feel Multi-Sensa from Yonex uses FRF Technology (Fusion of Resin and Filament) This all for a more natural touch, whilst keeping impact comfortable and giving the ball a smooth flight. An uncommon construction of Polyester Multifilament, this string is aiming to bridge the gap between Polyester durability and Synthetic Gut comfort 



£20.00 per racket - Spiraltek Polyamide single wrap produced with SpiralTek technology, which includes LCP fibers to ensure exceptional durability. The central core Provides added feel and comfort. 

£25.00 per racket - Pro Hurricane Tour 16G (1.30mm) co-poly (comfortable polyester) string.
Strong durable co-poly with structure to provide maximum spin 

£26.00 per racket - RPM Team 16G (1.30mm) co-poly (comfortable polyester) string.
Low density co-poly gives more flexibility than traditional polyester whilst retaining durability.

£27.00 per racket - RPM Blast 17G (1.25mm) co-poly (comfortable polyester) string
High density co-poly for unique power and response. octagonal section for more spin 



£28.50 per racket - Alu Power 16GL (1.25rnm) polyester siring 
Pro-tour favounte for power and control 

£20.50 per racket - Alu Power Rough 16GL (1.25mm) polyester string 
Textured surface version for extra spin 



£16.00 per racket - Sensation 16G (1.30mm) multifilament string
Highly elastic nylon fibre to impart power and reduce vibration for comfort

£20.00 per racket - Reese 16G (1.30mm) co-poly (comfortable polyester) string
Maximum spin, power whilst maintaining comfort snap-back properties enhance spin