Club Rules

Terms and Conditions.

1. Interpretation

1.1. ‘User’ shall mean any person coming onto the premises of Peterborough Town Sports Club.

1.2. ‘The Tennis Club’ shall mean the grounds, facilities and equipment of Peterborough Town Sports Club.

1.3. ‘The Committee’ shall mean the Management Committee of Peterborough Town Sports Club.

1.4. ‘The Staff’ shall mean the Manager of the Sports Club and any other person employed by the Management Committee.  ‘Club Manager’ shall mean the Manager or their delegated representative.

1.5. An ‘Adult’ is an individual over 18 years of age.

2. Use of the Tennis Club

2.1 The Committee accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or costs incurred during attendance upon the Tennis Club and its environs.

2.2 Any use of the Tennis Club in any capacity is made subject to the user conforming to these regulations.

2.3 The right to refuse admission to the Tennis Club is reserved by the Committee and the staff.

3. Young Persons

A responsible Adult must accompany any person under 12 years of age for any visit to the Tennis Club.

4. Use of Facilities

4.1 Any booking should be paid in accordance with Section 13.

4.2 Correct footwear (non marking) must be worn and appropriate clothing is required for all activities.

4.3 Times of any booked period include any setting up and clearing away of equipment as required.

4.4 Users should in no way infringe upon the playing areas of other users and are asked to have due regard for the enjoyment of others.

4.5 No food or drink, other than water in a sealed container, may be taken onto any court.

5. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the Sports Club, its grounds, facilities and environs.

6. Electrical Equipment

Any electrical equipment may not be used except with the prior permission of the Club Manager

7. Gambling and Gaming

May only take place subject to the prior written agreement of the Club Manager as part of any appropriate or special event.

8. Animals

No animals, except guide dogs, shall be brought into the Tennis Club unless agreed by the Club Manager.

9. Photography

Photographs or videos must not be taken without the prior approval of the Club Manager.

10. Lost Property

10.1 Valuables are held on the premises for a period of three months.

10.2 Semi-valuables e.g. books, bags, sports equipment, are held on the premises for a period of one month.

10.3 Clothing is to be held on the premises for a period of one month. *

* For the purposes of hygiene, certain items will be disposed of immediately e.g. socks and underwear.

At the end of the stated period, any unclaimed item will be donated to charity.

11. General

The Committee and staff reserve the right to refuse admission without reason.  Staff reserve the right to remove any users where a breach or suspected breach of the regulations has occurred without refund.

Any user is expected to behave with due regard to the building, grounds staff and other users.  Willful damage to the fixtures or fittings of the building or grounds shall be charged to the user or hirer.

12. Specific Rules for the Indoor Courts

12.1 Spectators are limited to the marked and seating areas in the domes.

12.2 Chairs are not permitted on the court surface.

12.3 Lights must not be switched off at the end of the allocated booking time, unless another booking is about to commence.

13. Booking Courts.

13.1 Bookings should be made in advance using the Club’s online booking system via the Club’s website or ClubSpark’s booking App.

13.2. Non members can only play on the outdoor courts if they have paid a non member booking fee, they can not play for free as a guest of a member.

13.3 Members can book courts 7 days in advance non-members 4 days in advance.

13.4 Members and non-members can cancel a court booking up to 48 hours in advance of the booking without charge, but will be charged in full for the court after this time whether they use the court or not. Refunds maybe made at the discretion of the Tennis Section Manager.

13.5 Court bookings are confirmed by e-mail please retain this as evidence of your booking.

14. Car Parking.

14.1 The Club’s car park is monitored by an ANPR system. Users of the car park must either register their car number plate registration with the Club’s Manager or each time they use the Club enter their registration details on the console just in side the Club house entrance or inside the entrance to the indoor courts.

14.2 You park your car on the Club’s premises at your own risk. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage to your car unless it is caused by something we have done or failed to do.

14.3 You must park your car in the marked areas and not on any grass area or blocking any service roads.

  1. Complaints.

Your enjoyment of the Club is a priority to us. If you have a complaint please raise it with a member of the Tennis Committee or Club Manager.

16. Fair Play - Fair Play is an important value in tennis. We are committed to ensuring that tennis is played in a fair, open and inclusive nature at all levels:-


  • - Tennis is a game, enjoy it!
  •             - Be a good sport when you win, lose and watch matches.
  •             - Be a role model and set a good example of the behaviour   you expect from others.
  •             - Respect other players, parents and officials.
  •             - Take responsibility for your actions.
  •             - Learn and follow the rules.
  •             - Call the score and lines clearly and fairly and leave it to the official to resolve problems.