Vision, Mission and Values.

Our Vision is to create a vibrant, progressive and sustainable tennis club that thrives on providing a full range of enjoyable year-round playing opportunities for both social and competitive tennis. To be a major force for driving growth in tennis participation in Peterborough through the Club’s community outreach programs and other promotional activities.

Our mission is to promote and encourage the playing and enjoyment of tennis for all ages, abilities and backgrounds to the population of Peterborough and surrounding area.

Our values are:-

  • To be welcoming to all ages, abilities and backgrounds.
  • To provide an atmosphere of positive encouragement to all those wanting to play tennis.
  • To create a strong program of club/social play that involves as wide a range of abilities and age as possible.
  • To provide opportunities for all members of the club to develop their games, through the provision of high quality coaching and competitive playing opportunities.
  • To have a progressive and proactive approach to promoting the sport and the Club.
  • To run the club on a sound financial basis, so that facilities can be maintained and enhanced.
  • To provide the highest standards of safety and child protection.
  • Continuous improvement of the Club and its facilities.
  • Transparency in our communication and administration of the Club.
  • To create strong links with the local community, in particular local schools.
  • To develop a strong working relationship with all the other sports sections.
  • To encourage tennis members and their families to participate in other sports on site