General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Cold Ash Tennis Club is a small club with big benefits.  Over the last few years we have moved away from managing Club Membership manually using a series of spreadsheets and lists maintained by loyally by Andy Creed, to a new LTA sponsored website that secures your data in a secure database which can only be accessed by Club Committee Members and complies with GDPR requirements.

Please access the link here to read about how the LTA's website development team Sport Labs Technology Ltd stores and manages our Club data.

How we use your data as a club?

Cold Ash Tennis Club Committee observe the same rules and controls documented by Sport Labs Technology Ltd that apply to the collection, storage and maintenance of your personal data year on year.  Indeed it is their membership package that we employ to keep your data safe in a GDPR compliant manner. 

Each year our membership secretary creates a new membership package for the current year, e.g. 2019, by copying the previous membership year.  This is completed using the ClubSpark Website administration services provided by Sport Labs Ltd.  The data never leaves the safe confines of this database.  We then invite existing members to 'renew' their membership by individual email.  If you have a package with more than 1 member then we will only email the nomimated package 'main contact' even if we hold personal contact details for other members of your package.  Each membership package is open for 'renewal' only to existing members during April each year but becomes available for new members to apply from May 1st. 

The most important aspect of data collection and storage for the club is that we can contact you to invite you to special club events such as club team celebration dinners, club coaching, winter tennis at Bradfield College, club matches, or any other reason.  We also need to store you and your family contact details in case we need to get in contact in case any of our facilities are unavailable, e.g. court maintenance, or indeed if anyone has injured themselves on court and we need to bring a risk to everyone's attention.  Only club committee members and / or approved club volunteers with administration rights to the LTA ClubSpark database can access your contact details.  All communications sent using the ClubSpark system are tracked and recorded on the system.  

If you have any questions about GDPR regarding system stored data or our use of your information to maintain your club memberhip please dont hesitate to contact the Club Chair(s) Sue and Grahame Pitts, or Membership & Club Secretary Gary Fox and we will do our best to answer any of your questions. 

Unless you inform the Membership & Club Secretary otherwise (see contacts page for email addresses), we assume that by signing up to be a member of the tennis club that you consent to receive communications from the club about special events in the calendar year.  All events, match timetables and court usage, are available on our website and on the club notice board by the courts.

Leaving the Club

Unless you tell us otherwise, if your Club membership expires and you choose not renew it, we will maintain your contact information to inform you of Club Events and hope to welcome you back to the club as soon as you are able to do so.  However there is no guarentee that you will receive all future Club communications, so to remain in touch with Club events please maintain your full paid membership status.

Enjoy the tennis!