Court Code and Keys

New Combination Lock

We no longer have the burden and additional cost of replacing lost keys or handing out new keys to members!  Although membership secretary Gary Fox, the club committee, and I'm sure any member of the club will still be happy to welcome new members, we no longer need to meet to hand over a key because the club is now using a combination lock.   

The club will renew the court access key code each new membership year.  Renewing members will be sent the code via the confirmation email when they renew and pay for their membership online, choosing either cheque or Go Cardless as a payment method.  You will not be sent the court code if you pay by any other means and do not accept the invitation to renew membership which is sent to your registered email address on email each year.

New Member Court Codes

New members will receive the court access key code on a confirmation email after they set up their account and pay for their membership package online, choosing either Go Cardless or cheque as a payment method.

During busy periods we will periodically be changing the court code lock key to protect the security of the courts and the possibility that the courts are being accessed by non-members.  Email notification to paid members will be sent in advance of any key code change.

Old Court Keys and Expired Members

All old keys can be returned either to a Committee member (see 'Contacts') or to the Cold Ash Parish Council Mailbox outside the Parish office in the Acland Hall car Park.

If your membership expires please be sure to return your old key incase we choose to move back to using the same padlock in the future.

Many thanks.

Enjoy your tennis!