League matches

We have two ladies’ and three men’s teams playing in the LTA’s Dunlop East of Scotland leagues.
The season runs from late April to early July. Matches are on Monday and Wednesday for the men, Tuesdays and Thursdays for the ladies.
New players are always welcome, as are supporters on match nights.

Box leagues

Box leagues are open to all members and are a great opportunity to play competitive matches against opponents of a similar standard. They are a little like a ladder, but organised as a series of mini divisions with 4-6 players in each.

Annual tournament

The Drummond annual tournament runs for six weeks from the beginning of August. As many members as possible are encouraged to take part. Members can enter:

Ladies Singles
Gentlemen Singles
Ladies Doubles
Gentlemen Doubles
Mixed Doubles
Mixed Doubles Handicap (where partners are drawn from a hat)

If you don't have a partner for the doubles events we can match you up with one.

Entry forms for the tournament will be available in the clubhouse. Other details will follow.

Normally, semi-finals are played the first weekend of September, with Finals Day on the following Saturday.