Welcome to Eastgate Club Bowls Section

The sport of lawn Bowls was established at Eastgate in 1935 and continues to be a thriving section of the Eastgate Club.

We are a friendly and inclusive Club and welcome members of all abilities to the Bowls section, offering coaching opportunities for those needing support to get started or improve their skills.

There are many competitive and social playing opportunities for members including the following.

  • Social Bowls Fun League on Friday evenings April to September
  • Lincoln Area Bowls League (LABL) with Club teams entered on Monday and Tuesday evenings and Wednesday afternoons April to August
  • Lincoln Area Bowls League (LABL) competitions for Club teams as well and member competitions with rounds played May to August
  • Internal knockout competitions (handicap singles, Australian pairs, triples) with rounds played May to August culminating in a Finals Weekend in early September
  • Sunday afternoon competitions held May to September
  • The annual Eastgate Bowls vs Rackets challenge played on a Friday evening at the end of the season
  • Bowls Lincolnshire competitions and friendlies (for county affiliated members) in various formats  with rounds played May to August
  • Inter-member arranged informal roll ups and matches which can be arranged as hoc from April to September
  • Carpet Bowls Fun League held indoors twice weekly from October to March

The Section has a strong reputation within the Club for its comprehensive social programme which runs throughout the year. These are relaxed fun occasions with a variety of themes including BBQs, fish & chips etc after internal competitions, music nights, Quiz nights, Christmas party, competitions awards evening, pre-season lunch, race nights, and pub/board games. These social events are open to all bowling members to participate in and a strong following of Club Social members who regularly come along to support the bowlers.

Getting involved with managing the Section and influencing how it develops is easy. The Section is steered by the Bowls Subcommittee which is made up of the Chair, Secretary, Team Captains, Green Liaison Officer, Competition Secretary, and Welfare Officer. These are all voluntary roles open to all members of the Section and are elected/re-elected at the AGM a held in September. All members are encouraged to support the Subcommittee by participating in the playing and social opportunities, welcoming and supporting new members, helping out with events and coming up with ideas for new ones.

For further information and arrange a taster session contact Dick Crampton, Bowls Chair on