100 Club Results

The 100 Club is a monthly draw available exclusively to members with a top prize of £50 up for grabs every month. Three runners-up will receive a tube of tennis balls.

The latest results can be found below.


January 2024

February 2024


1st Place: £50

No. 40: Raj Bector

No. 17: Kevin Conroy


Tube of tennis balls

No. 55:  Jan Brown

No. 3. Dion Morton

No. 45:  Nathan Charlton

No. 88:  Sara Wride

No. 14:  Ravi Chopra

No. 57:  Karsten Scholer


All members are very welcome to participate in the monthly draw. The process is very simple:

  • Contact Sue Chopra at or 07751 334153
  • Pick a number between 1-90 and Sue will advise if it is free/ available
  • The number(s) will then be allocated to you and entered automatically into future draws

The total cost per number is £36 for the year, payable as a lump sum. All monies, after payout of prizes, go towards the Club’s Development fund.