Policies & Procedures

The club Covid policy has been blended into our general Play Guidelines, which can be accessed through the tab above.

The Welfare Officers at EALTS, Dave Busst and Jane Wilton, have the role of being a point of contact for any welfare concerns, for promoting safeguarding within the club, and to help create an environment that is safe and inclusive for everyone.

As a club, we have agreed a safeguarding policy statement and a set of policies to help everyone to have a positive tennis experience and to make sure that the well-being of everyone, and particularly children and adults at risk, is prioritised.

Everyone in the club, including all members, is required to read and comply with these policies.  They are as follows:

Safeguarding Policythis explains the club’s commitment to safeguarding and what to do if you have a concern about the well-being or safety of a child or an adult at risk. Unless the danger is immediate, you should contact Jane or Dave, the Welfare Officers,  or the LTA safeguarding team about the concern.

Codes of Conductthis explains the standard of behaviour expected from everyone involved with the club, including the expectations that all children and adults are treated in a supportive and friendly way and with respect.  There is a children’s version of the code that all under 18s are provided with. Parents are required to make sure that their children understand the code of conduct too.

Diversity and Inclusion Policywe want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in tennis, and the policy explains how we will do this e.g. by supporting inclusive practice and taking action where there are concerns about discrimination. 

Use of Changing Rooms Policythis states that parents are responsible for supervising their child under 12 using the changing rooms, adult coaches will not use the shower while children are changing and mobile phones must not be used in the changing room.

Anti-Bullying Policy: this spells out everyone’s roles and responsibilities to help prevent bullying at the club, and how we will make sure it is stopped if it does happen and provide support to those affected.

Online Safety and Communication Policythis sets out how we expect everyone in the club to use the internet and social media in ways to protect children and adults from potential harm.  It includes precautions to be taken by coaches when communicating by mobile phone e.g. for parents to be copied into any messages to children

Photography and Filming Best Practice Guidance: the club endorses this guidance from the LTA, which includes the requirement to gain written consent from a child and their parent before taking and using a child’s image. 

Data Protection Policy: this outlines how we comply with GDPR legislation in our treatment of personal data of members.

Safe Recruitment Policy: when the club is involved in recruiting staff, this policy spells out how this will be done to help safeguard children and adults at risk.

Disciplinary Policy and Procedurethis spells out how we will respond to concerns that a member may have breached club policies.

*NEW for 2024* Low Income Policythis outlines how adult members in receipt of certain income-related Means-Tested Benefits can apply for a discounted annual membership fee.

EALTS Terms and Conditions