Grass Courts are open for play!

Thanks to the hard work of the HGV team, the grounds contractor and the weather (!), the grass courts are now open for the summer season. 

Courts 1-4 are open for booking from 12noon daily (earlier times are not available due to the morning dew). Normal rules apply, i.e. court bookings are restricted to one hour per day at peak times outside of organised activities (e.g. social mix-ins, coaching). If no-one else has booked your court immediately afterwards, you are welcome to continue playing. You can still book two or more slots at off-peak times.

Peak: After 5pm on weekdays and before 5pm on weekends
Off-peak: Before 5pm on weekdays and after 5pm on weekends

For those not familiar with playing on grass, it should be noted that they are very sensitive to the weather. We have drawn up a series of ground rules that we ask members to follow:

  • The surface playability is entirely weather dependent, so please keep a close eye on the forecast.
  • You must not play on the courts if they are wet (i.e. if it is raining, has rained earlier, or has lingering dew). It damages the surface and any moisture renders the court dangerously slippery - you can easily injure yourself.
  • Please wear only flat-soled tennis shoes (i.e. no aggressive tread patterns or sharp edges).
  • If you notice you are marking or damaging the courts in any way, please stop playing on them.
  • If they are unplayable, members can play on other available courts, but must make a booking.

Thank you for your consideration. The courts are an integral part of Birmingham's sporting heritage as the site of the oldest lawn tennis club in the world! Please help us preserve them for future generations to enjoy.