Please come back for further details on any new coaching sessions in the future. We are keen to help you get playing.

Details of  sessions happening appear at the bottom of the page and can be booked from here subject to availability.

*News - Tennis For Free WILL restart from start on Saturday August 29th - book below and see tennis for free page for more details. Particularly want new people to try tennis as well as those who have been before. Over 12 years of age for this year*  

Players wanting coaching

Bexhill Tennis Club are located in the park and do offer memberships and coaching opportunities.

There are coaches who use the courts and are important to helping introduce people to tennis and to improving their game. Through the Council's work with the LTA we only recommend using LTA qualified coaches who are listed on the "find a tennis coach"


The Council is keen to work with coaches to encourage year round use of the courts but ask them to be responsible over the number of bookings they reserve per week to ensure everyone can access the courts.

It is vital that any coaching is carried out by insured and qualified instructors who following conditions for use of the courts. We require coaches to follow safeguarding procedures and having a risk assessment to prevent and deal with any incidents that occur. 

Tennis For Free Scheme

Additionally working with the charity Tennis For Free Active Rother will be looking to restart Tennis For Free on the courts - see additional tab at top of page. This provides an introduction to the game and promotes a tennis community. It is free with equipment provided. You can book from this page as it will show up as a course. This year it will be only available for people over the age of 12 and we are grateful for the support of the charity Tennis For Free for helping these to return this year,