Matches Fixtures 2019/20Season

In the Winter Season we have  2 Women’s teams, 4 Men’s and a Mixed Vets ,  but in the summer only 3 Men’s teams (still 2 Womens's and a Mixed Vets).
In te summer we also have 3 Junior teams.

If you are interested in playing then please get in touch with a Committee Member or a Captain. See Contacts for captains.

Winter 2019/20 Teams

Elmwood Women’s 1 Division 1 North East
Elmwood Women’s 2 Division 2 North East

Elmwood Men’s 1 Division 2 North East
Elmwood Men’s 2 Division 3 North East
Elmwood Men’s 3 Division 4 North East
Elmwood Men’s 4 Division 5 North East

Elmwood Mixed 45 Doubles Division 05 East

Summer 2019 Teams