Ts and Cs

Fulford Tennis Club  Membership Terms & Conditions 

Welcome to Fulford Tennis Club! We hope that you will enjoy being a member of our friendly club and that you will take part in as many of the tennis and social events as possible. We also hope that you will find time to make a positive contribution to enable the club to continue and develop further as a successful organisation. Any time or help that you can spare to help with organising events, court and clubhouse maintenance is always welcome. if you'd like to be on our committee, please contact the club, we'd love to hear from you!

•    Fulford Tennis Club is a members-only club. Full details of membership packages are on the club’s website
•    Court time allocation:
-    Full-year memberships: 5 x 90 mn bookings/7 days period, bookable 7 days in advance
-    Monthly memberships: 4 x 90 mn bookings/7 days period, bookable 5 days in advance
-    Accompanying Adults: 3 x 60mn bookings /7 days period, bookable 5 days in advance
•    Members can invite a non-member guest to play up to 3 times (£3 guest fees payable when booking a court online) . After that, guest players are required to take up a membership to continue playing at the club.
•    Your membership renewal notice will come by email a week before it is due for renewal.
•    Memberships must be paid within a fortnight of taking up the membership. Payment is best done online from the link above or via the website.

Personal data
As part of your membership registration, you will be asked to give your contact details. You have total control of what personal data you give the club and you can alter your details on Clubspark via "my account" at any time. Please ensure that you update your contact details so you can continue to receive club emails. The Club’s full Privacy Policy can be accessed on the club’s website.

The Club is in a residential area and it is essential that we maintain a good relationship with our neighbours.  Please try to avoid parking in front of the houses in Fulfordgate or block driveways. The Tennis Club has an arrangement with Fulford Secondary School, allowing members to park in the school grounds. Please use the school for parking wherever possible. For all club sessions and matches, the school gates are normally open. 

Please be considerate to our neighbours and try to avoid excessive noise on the courts. Court use is strictly between 9 am and 9 pm.

Floodlights cost £4 per hour for all 3 courts. The floodlights coin box is located in the clubhouse, in the tennis store room. Please note you will need pound coins to pay. 

Booking courts
Members must register on the online booking system via the club’s website. See more information about making bookings and cancelling bookings on this link

Access to facilities
Access to the courts is by combination lock – the code number will be sent to you with your booking confirmation email. Please do not divulge it to non-members! (It gets changed regularly).
Keys to the clubhouse can be obtained for £10; contact the club to enquire.
The clubhouse entrance door is at the side of the building. When you leave the building, please make sure to lock the deadlock below the lacth. 

Club sessions/social play
All members are encouraged to come to club sessions  Saturday afternoons from 2 pm. It’s a good way to meet other members and enjoy social play with different partners.
Club sessions are usually for mixed tennis unless all present agree to a different format. 

Matches & Tournaments
During the season, Club Matches take priority for use of courts. Always check the online booking sheet to avoid disappointment! 
Club tournaments are organised throughout the year. Check out the calendar on the website
NB Some tournaments may occasionally take place during club sessions slots. 

Social Media
The club has a public Facebook page as well as a closed group for information updates. The club is also present on twitter and Instagram. Please follow all of our social media platforms to keep up to date!

Safety & Children
During group classes and individual lessons, children remain under the supervision of coach.
At all other times, children must be supervised by their parent or carer.  

The clubhouse
Members are welcome to use the kitchen for food and drink. Please remember to wash up and tidy up when you have finished. 
There are showers and toilets in the male and female changing areas.

Court Rules & Etiquette
1.    Appropriate clothing and tennis footwear must be worn on court
2.    Members are expected to be courteous at all times, on and off court
3.    Only necessary equipment for playing tennis should be brought onto the court. 
4.    Balls are not to be hit when not in play 
5.    If you are playing on the end courts and have finished your game, wait for a break in play on the middle court to exit the courts
6.    If you wish to speak to the coach, please wait to the end of the coaching session.
7.    Collect any balls from the courts at the end of a session if nobody else is coming on to play
8.    Ensure you lock the court gate and clubhouse if you are the last to leave.