Court Bookings - Terms Of Use


We are continuing the new system for 'court bookings' and 'inviting guests' to play during the month of June.

As an LTA registered venue we have a responsibility for NHS Track & Trace to know who is using the courts. Therefore every player (both members and/or guest) should be listed as 'participants' as part of the court booking procedure. 

We are a members' club and whilst there is no charge for members playing with other members there is a fee for inviting guests to play.

Members may bring up to 3 guests so that a game of doubles can be played by 1 member and 3 guests. The charge is per court and can be from 30 to 90 mins at a cost of £2 per 30 minutes. You should only enter one guests name and if you wish to bring more guests you will need to email the club on [email protected] with the names of the other guests.

Payment is made by credit card using the Stripe system and is automatically enabled when you enter a guests name. It is the member's responsibility to pay the guest fee and to make sure their guest/s is/are familiar with all these details of the HTC Booking Terms.

No one guest should play more than 6 times in any one season and at this point membership should be encouraged.

As a member of HTC, you are responsible for managing your own bookings.

  • You should cancel even at short notice if you make a court booking which can no longer be fulfilled. This frees up courts for other users.
  • If you have paid for inviting a guest and can no longer fulfil the booking, you can cancel and request a refund to your credit card with at least 24 hours notice.

We will seek your feedback at the end of the trial. In the meantime if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the committee at [email protected]

Thank you. 


Members are responsible for ensuring that their guest is familiar with and complies with:

  • HTC Terms & Conditions 

  • HTC Code Of Conduct - court etiquette and dress code

  • Playing Facilities - floodlight use, pavilion access, accident/injury procedure and more court etiquette


All the documents referred to can be found on the website under the subpages above.

We wish everyone a safe and pleasurable experience using the HTC courts.

If you have any queries please do call or text 07557 522675 or email [email protected]