Teen : Yellow 11-17yr

Junior Yellow is great opportunity to learn, play tennis competitively or socially on our junior pathway, played on a full size court for singles and doubles. 

- 11 year & above for Junior Advanced players -  technical and tactical development, alongside opportunities for matchplay and competition. 


YELLOW 3  (Beginner)

  • 14yr & Above for Junior Beginners and Junior Development – focusing on skills, technique and tactics - come together with friends to Request for a group lesson slot or individual lesson to boost to join into existing group!

YELLOW 2  (Intermediate)

YELLOW 1  (Advanced)

YELLOW SQ  -  Performance & Competition (Playing Twice a week or more, Entering Competion or Thinking about it)


Essential information 

  1. Racquets can be provided for the coaching courses but at this stage players will start to look at buying more advanced equipment; the coach can advise on the most appropriate items, taking in to consideration size and budget. 
  2. Players should arrive changed, wearing comfortable sports clothing and non marking trainers or tennis shoes 
  3. We recommend that children arrive at least 10 minutes before so that they are ready for the start of the session