Privacy Policy and Photos

We take the privacy of your personal information seriously.

Our Data Protection Officer is the Club Chairman.

We use the Clubspark system as the primary platform on which we hold your personal information. We do not hold any of your personal information outside this system other than as follows:

  • A small number of Committee members have access to the Clubspark system for the purposes of managing the Club. This will include the Chairman, Membership Secretary and Club Secretary.
  • We extract a list of email addresses from Clubspark on a regular basis in order to send out club newsletters or notifications. We will always endeavour to use the "blind copy" function on our emails to members so that your email address is not made visible to others.
  • We provide a list of the Junior players contact information to the Coaching staff for use to contact parents on a regular or emergency basis.
  • Contact details for Committee Members, Team Captains and Coaching Staff will be made available on the Contacts page of this website, and on the Club noticeboards.

The Privacy Policy for the operators of the Clubspark system (Sportslabs Technology Ltd) is available as a link at the bottom of each page on our website, and is reproduced below.

Clubspark Privacy Policy

1. General

Sportlabs Technology Ltd takes the privacy rights of users of the ClubSpark website seriously. By using the ClubSpark website, you expressly consent to the use of Your Data in accordance with this privacy policy. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller is Sportlabs Technology Ltd ("Sportlabs") of The Courtyard, 7 Francis Grove, Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom.

2. Processing Your Personal Information

If you choose to give us personal information, such as your name, contact details and date of birth (for example to book a course) then this will be held and processed by Sportlabs Technology Ltd in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

3. Use of Your Personal Information

Sportlabs Technology Ltd may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To perform the services you have requested which may involve contacting you by post or e-mail.
  • To make parts of the website easier for you to use by not making you enter your personal information more than once.
  • The reasonable purposes of the Sportlabs Technology Ltd, acting always within the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • To market to you Sportlabs Technology Ltd and third party products and services and other purposes as you may have consented to in submitting your personal data.
  • We may also use your information for detection of fraud and market research purposes.

4. Cookies

Information may be sent to your computer in the form of an Internet "cookie" to allow the Sportlabs Technology Ltd servers to monitor your requirements. The cookie is stored on your computer. The Sportlabs Technology Ltd server may request that your computer return a cookie to it. These return cookies do not contain any information supplied by you or any personally identifiable information about you.

Such measures are necessary to allow the Sportlabs Technology Ltd to measure the usability of the systems, which will help in its continuing development to ensure that we understand the requirements of our users. Your browser software should however enable you to block cookies if you wish to. For more information about cookies, please visit


Recording & Publishing Images Policy:

We encourage coaches, parents and friends to take pictures and videos. We believe that this can encourage children to take part in tennis, record special moments in their tennis development, and be a useful aid in coaching and development.

  • Parents, carers and spectators who want to take photos or videos are required to obtain the consent of the parents of all children involved.
  • Coaches who wish to take photos or videos at an event, or publish images after the event, must obtain consent from parents, explaining why they are taking the images and what they will be used for.
  • Coaches may use video equipment as a legitimate coaching method. Tennis players and their parents or carers should be made aware if this forms part of the tennis programme, and any such recording must be destroyed after use.

If anyone has concerns about inappropriate photography, this should be reported immediately to the event organiser or the Club Welfare Office, who will follow our Safeguarding procedures.

Appropriate Images:

All children featured in photographs or recordings must be:

  • Appropriately dressed with clothing covering their torso from their neck to thighs, e.g. a t-shirt and shorts or skirt.
  • Featured with people engaging in tennis.
  • Recorded in groups with other children or adults where possible.
  • Representative of the diversity across tennis, with regard to age, gender, ethnicity and disability.
  • Identified using their first name only, although it is preferable that their name is not given.