Leadenham All Weather (including Leadenham Tennis Club) Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

Users of the LAW facility are required to comply and be guided by the following Code of Conduct. The facility is used at your own risk and LAW accepts no liability for personal injury or damage to personal equipment.

Health and Safety 

LAW cannot maintain a continuous presence at the facility, therefore, Leadenham Parish Council will, through the LAW committee, take all steps within its power, so far is reasonable, to ensure that the LAW is safe to be used for the purpose for which it was designed and built. Without detracting from the primary responsibility of the Parish Council for ensuring the facility is safe for use, those using the facility must take all reasonable steps to ensure their own safety. If any user sees the facility or equipment on the facility in an unsafe condition, please report this concern to Chairperson of the LAW committee. 

Users of LAW should vacate the facility during periods of bad weather such as thunderstorms. If the facility is not fit for use when an individual or club arrive then the facility should not be used, eg if covered in snow, or the surface is icy and slippery. In such cases, the club will not be charged for their booking if they have not used it due to the surface being unfit for play. 

At no time may a person play sport within the LAW when they are alone. There must always be at least one other person present during play or practice. 

Users should wear appropriate sports equipment and clothing recommended for the sport they are participating in. 

If an accident or near accident occurs, the primary responsibility of those present should be the needs of the person or persons injured. Once they have been dealt with an accident/incident form should be completed by a responsible adult who witnessed the incident. This form should be provided by the club who the person(s) belong to. Any completed form should be held by the Club concerned and a copy sent to the Chairperson of the LAW committee. Security and padlocks

All entrances to the LAW will be secured by combination padlocks and the number will be changed twice a year. The combination will only be issued to adults over 18 years of age on payment of a fee, either to the Clubs who officially hire the LAW or, for casual usage. As a condition of receiving the code adults will be required to sign as having read, understood and agreeing to comply with this Code of Conduct.

Anyone opening LAW remains responsible for the security of the facility until they leave. Upon leaving they must either secure the facility by locking all the gates they opened (and scrambling the numbers on the locks) and turning off the floodlights if used or by positively handing over to another user. Before handing over to another user, they must check this person is a valid user of the facility and will take responsibility for the security of the courts. Safeguarding of young people and guests

The code will not be issued directly to people under the age of 18. The code issued to adults may be given to minors or relatives with the following provisos:

1. If the adult/relative receiving the code is not a member of the facility, they pay the casual user rate and leave the money in the honesty box in the floodlight switch box or pass to a tennis committee member.

2. An adult passing on the code must ensure all users are aware of the contents of this Code of Conduct. If the user is a minor and the adult giving out the code is not completely satisfied that the minor will understand and comply with the Code of Conduct then the adult must accompany the minor(s) throughout the period of use of the LAW. The adult is responsible for ensuring the minor(s) behave appropriately and do not do anything which may endanger themselves or other users.

3. If the minor to whom the code is given intends playing with other minor(s), the adult giving the code must contact the parents or guardians of all the other minors involved to ensure that the parents or guardians understand the conditions of the Code of Conduct and agree to their minors playing.

Each Club will have their own Safeguarding Policy Statement with regard to the welfare of children and adults using the LAW facility.

Clubs and schools using the LAW must have a responsible adult present who accepts responsibility for the safety of minors throughout the period of use.

Booking procedure  

Courts are booked through the online booking system, Clubspark. All block bookings for Clubs must be made via the LAW Bookings Secretary. These sessions will be added to the online booking system. All other sessions will be available to tennis club members who will have access to the Clubspark.

Tennis club members can only book one court for a one hour period. If the court is free after the hour, the court can be booked for the next hour.

If a non-member plays, the member is responsible for paying the £2 per hour guest fee which should be placed in the honesty box in the floodlight switch box. Behaviour

Users of the LAW should at all times show respect for other users and there should be no shouting or swearing on the courts.

Appropriate footwear to be used, no metal blades or screw in studs.

No smoking, food, glass or alcohol allowed on the courts. 

No chewing gum on court.

After tennis use, the nets should be let down and secured with the ties provided and all rubbish cleared from the court.

If the tennis nets have been removed from the court for other Club users, these must be moved back in place using the 4 trolleys, lifted off the trolleys and placed in the appropriate position on court.

This document is reviewed annually at the AGM and circulated to all clubs using the LAW facilities to sign and adhere to.

LAW Sub Committee

Chairperson Richard Nelstrop - 01400 272482

Vice Chairperson

Secretary Dee Sharpley

Treasurer Chris Stokes

Bookings Secretary. Kate Hargreaves - 01522 811224

Hockey Reps

Tennis Reps Kate Hargreaves/Dee Sharpley

Football Reps

Parish Council Rep

UPDATED 12/04/2023