Mission: Our mission is inspiring tennis for everyone


Background. Marlborough Tennis is a not for profit Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and an LTA registered tennis facility operating within LTA guidelines and support.

As a CASC we will retain our focus on the needs of current and future members, offering new tennis and social opportunities whilst fully utilising the expertise of the LTA. We will keep our friendly and welcoming culture and build our reputation, enjoyment and engagement via our members, involving more members in both decision making and ownership of our success. We plan to achieve sustainability through membership growth and by increasing our efforts to secure third party funds.

Governance overview. Good club governance is the foundation for all successful and well run tennis clubs. Strong governance ensures that our tennis club is professionally managed within the constraints of an all   volunteer club, and is safe and compliant with our legal obligations. A well-run club will continue to attract and engage members and players, supporting financial sustainability.

The underpinning elements of our governance includes:

  • The Club Constitution. This document serves as the overall framework approach to the governance of the club
  • A committee structure. The committee has separate terms of reference for each individual role. The committee owns strategy development with input of members via our annual survey, ad hoc engagement and via sub committees enables the delivery of our business plan.
  • Policies. Policies are the individual framework for the management of the club in set areas, which may be amended or have new policies published where needed. This helps the club thrive and maintain a healthy, positive approach to the management of the club. Current policies include:
    • Safeguarding
    • Club Privacy and use of data
    • Complaints and greivance policy
    • Internet and use of social media policy (under review)
  • Terms and Conditions of membership. These terms are part of a members obligations when joining and renewing membership and are annually reviewed to ensure alignment.

If you would like to discuss or offer suggestions to club governance please contact the Chair.