Social Tennis

Social Tennis is back!

MTC social tennis sessions are held every Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm, Wednesday mornings from 10am and Saturday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm (but switches to 1pm to 4pm in the winter).

Play will take place subject to Coronavirus guidelines.

The purpose of our 'social tennis' is to mix in all standards of club members, socialise and have a bit of fun.  Don't be put off thinking 'I'm not good enough' (or 'I'm too good' even!) as we really do have a wide range of standards participating so there will be others at the same level as you, whichever level you're at.  It's a great way to help improve your game and get tips off other players too.

Come on down and don't be shy!  Non members are very welcome to come along and play for free for 1 social session to try us out. 

We have a WhatsApp group for social tennis to communicate who is planning to come along which is helpful especially when the weather is inclement.  We cannot play if it’s icy and slippy (nor if it's lashing with rain for that matter!).   Please text 07753 404311 to be added to the WhatsApp group.   

As an aid to everyone participating in social tennis sessions, through experience the Club has put together the following guidelines.

Social Tennis Guidelines

  • Social Tennis is open to all adult members. Junior members are invited at the discretion of the Head Coach or Junior Coach.
  • All members attending Social Tennis are committed to participate in all games. It is not acceptable for fixed or arranged fours to take place when members are using the courts for Social Tennis.
  • Private coaching should not take place when members are using the courts for Social Tennis.
  • Each member attending Social Tennis agrees to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct.
  • Courts should be swept (unless it is raining or the courts are very damp) at the end of Social Tennis sessions. All members are expected to take their turn in sweeping. Balls are provided for Social Tennis as are floodlights (when necessary).
  • All Social Tennis sessions are mixed doubles sessions, where possible (unless otherwise stated by the organising club volunteer).
  • Sets of 8 games are played – this gives everyone a chance to serve twice. If members are waiting, players should play 1 deuce and then sudden death, with the receiver’s choice of serve. If the score gets to 6-0, then the set is over.

A club volunteer will always be present at social tennis sessions to help organise the pairings.

Come and join us!

Family Social Tennis

These sessions run on the first Sunday of the month from 3pm to 4.30pm. Please text Simon on 07544 405993 to be added to the Family Social WhatsApp group.