1-1 Coaching is available on a limited basis, due to the restrictions.  Please contact Kevin directly on the email below to arrange a session.
Group coaching has started again from 17th August, again with restricted numbers.  Please book below for the various levels of coaching available for beginners to advanced.


Kevin Duffy, our Head Coach, has been with us since October 2016, as has Amelia Black. Grahame Forbes joined our coaching team in 2020. Click on the submenu to find out more about Kevin and Amelia. We also have four qualified Assistant Coaches - Daniel Elliot, Sean Elliot, George Gray Jr and Joe Maitland.

Below are all of MTC's coaching sessions - there's something here to suit all ages.  If you or your children are keen to play tennis, please book your sessions here.

Note that our coaches also deliver bespoke, one-one coaching and can be contacted at [email protected] if this is something you require.