MHMLTC Booking rules

Under temporary COVID restrictions introduced on 15 May 2020, bookings can be made only by paid-up members of the club:

  • for one booking a day for up to 1 hour maximum per member (or group of members)
  • by setting the option under 'My Bookings' at the top right of the screen to 'View as Max' rather than 'View as Member', members can make their bookings 1.5 hours long on Courts 1 to 3 only
  • bookings can be made up to one week in advance, starting from 8:30am and ending by 9:30pm for adults, or by 6:30pm for junior and parent members

Non-playing parents of juniors can book in the junior's name only (by selecting the junior's name in the black bar at the top of the screen).

Please book considerately: please do not leave 30-minute gaps at busy times.

Please note that you will need to access the booking system via a browser to change the view; the Clubspark mobile apps do not allow you to change the view.

Court 4 is shared with the other users on the North Bank estate.

Our licence from the North Bank estate does NOT permit any play on Christmas Day and Good Friday.

The booking system can be accessed directly at

Requests for a login to the booking system should be sent to [email protected].

If anyone has a problem finding court space, see our Coach - Joe Anan.