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New midweek adult group coaching sessions: There will be two new midweek adult group coaching sessions on Tuesday mornings, starting on Tuesday 23 April for six weeks:  23 & 30 April, 7,14, & 21 May and 4 June. The coach for these sessions will be Angie Dean. The session from 10am to 11am will be Tennis Express for Beginners and Returners, and from 11am to noon for Improvers and Club-standard players. Each course will cost £60 for six weeks. You can sign up for the courses by following the link here>>  27 Mar

Maintenance of tennis courts: On Tuesday 2 April moss kill will be applied on all 4 courts. Courts will be out of use until 11am. On Monday 29 April maintenance will be carried out on all 4 courts between 7.30am and 1pm. Courts will be brushed and infill will be topped up (rubber granules on courts 1-3, sand on court 4). 21 Mar

Good Friday: Play is not allowed on our courts on Good Friday 19 April. 20 Mar

Extra club session: There will be an extra club session from 2:30 to 6:00pm on Easter Monday 22 April. 20 Mar

Wimbledon Ballot: On Thursday 2 May at 7:30 pm in the Clubhouse. Members who have opted into the Wimbledon Ballot should by now have received information about the ballot and a list of the 27 pairs of tickets we have been allocated. If you have opted in to the ballot and not received this information please let us know. 20 Mar

Extra club sessions: There will be extra club sessions on Monday 6 and 27 May  from 2:30 to 6:00 pm. 20 Mar

Change of Starting Time to Weekend Club Sessions: From Sunday 31 March club sessions start at 2:30pm.  25 Feb

Celebration of 100 years of MHMLTC: On Saturday 8 June we will have an event to mark 100 years of the club. The venue will be The Pavilion.  Please watch the notice board for a poster about this event and there will be more information to follow. 20 Mar

More Junior Tennis courses: We have added more of the brilliant Tennis for Kids beginners courses to the schedule. These cost only £25 for a 6-week course, with the LTA giving each child a new Babolat racket, balls and a personalised T-shirt. The courses are for 4-6 year olds starting on Saturday 2 March at 9am, and for 6-7 year olds and 8-9 year olds starting Tuesday 26 February at 4pm and 5pm respectively. You can really help by promoting these and the other junior courses to friends and family.  There are details of all the courses and how to book here>>  27 Jan

Court 4 bookings: The eagle-eyed amongst you may have already spotted that it is now possible to book Court 4 at times that were previously reserved for the North Bank Estate. Court 4 is still a shared resource with the estate, but for a trial period we have removed the restrictions on booking for both parties: club members and the estate will now be able to book with equal priority at any time when the court is not being used for priority events such as coaching or club sessions; estate users are not able to book Courts 1 to 3. We will review this arrangement next summer when there is more demand from the estate to ensure that they can get fair access to the court. 21 Nov

Court Bookings: On many occasions, courts have been booked but not used. Please remember to cancel your booking if you no longer need the court, so that the court can be used by other members. 14 Oct

Junior Coaching: 
Weekly coachingWe are continuing to hold our regular weekly coaching sessions with Joe Anan for 9-11 year olds and for 12-16 year olds on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and we are keen to ensure that these sessions are as well-attended as possible.

But we are also pleased to tell you that since  October, we have also been running the LTA 'Tennis for Kids' program for 4 to 8 year olds, on Mondays after school and on Saturday mornings. This is a terrific introductory programme sponsored by the LTA and costs only £25 for six lessons, and also provides each youngster with a new Babolat racket, balls and a tennis top personalised with their name. We have teamed up with LDNTennis headed by local coach Lucy Dean to deliver these courses at our club. Please sign your juniors up to these courses as soon as possible: see below for how to book online.
There are details of all the courses and how to book here>>
The committee is very keen to develop all aspects of our junior programme. We very much hope that the introduction of courses and camps for 4 to 8 year olds will be well supported by members, and that we can continue to develop all the programmes next year. 7 Oct

Junior Course leaflets: We have leaflets for junior courses and this include times and cost of courses run by Lucy Dean and by Joe.  If you could help us by distributing some of the leaflets that would be appreciated. They are in the clubhouse.  19 Nov

Supervision of Juniors: When children attend formal coaching sessions or holiday camps, they are supervised by the coaches concerned. However, when junior members and their guests use the club's facilities at any other time that is permitted by the club, parents and guardians must understand that there are no staff on the premises to safeguard, supervise or assist children, and at times there may not be any adults present at all. Parents must therefore accept complete responsibility for their juniors and guests when using the facilities of the club and the neighbouring North Bank estate, and either arrange for their play to be supervised or knowingly allow them to play unsupervised. 19 Nov

Safeguarding & Diversity: The LTA have asked us to make all members aware of their responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. There will shortly be a new noticeboard in the clubhouse with guidance and details of our Welfare Officers who will deal with any issues. In the meantime, you can find advice on what to do if you have a concern in the 'Emergencies' section of the Membership area of the website, and full details of the safeguarding, diversity and other polices in the 'Club policies' section. 20 Aug

Clubhouse Security: If court 4 is the only court being used and there is no-one in the clubhouse, in the interests of security please lock the clubhouse. 19 Nov

The new Court 4 is now open: The club is pleased to announce that after consultation with the Methodist Estate, we now have a new surface on Court 4. Having researched various different surfaces, we have opted for an artificial grass product called Tiger Turf Advantage Pro. This is similar to the surface on Courts 1-3, but the infill is sand rather than rubber granules. We hope that members will like the new surface.  Click here >> for some photos and a video of the work as it took place. 25 Sep

Club Tournament: Thanks to all who played in, and assisted in running, a very successful Finals Weekend.  Please click on Teams at the top of the page and then on Club Tournament for all the results, photos and a fun slideshow. 16 Sep

Watching Tennis on TV: You may be surprised to know that the US Open in  August was not shown on any UK TV channel: to watch it you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video (for which there is a 30-day free trial). Nigel has updated his information about watching tennis here >>  Aug 20

Club Rules and Information: Your copy of Club Rules and Information was included with your receipt when your rejoined the club. Please take time to read the information as there were changes to rules etc since last year. 26 Mar

Volunteers needed: Our Facilities Secretary, Ian Jeffries, has a number of projects that will need the help of volunteers throughout the year. If you would be willing to put your name on a list of volunteers then Ian would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact him directly at The first project, to clear out, clean and tidy the shed, was successfully accomplished on 15 July and was proof that many hands make light work! 19 Apr

Parking outside The Paddock: We have had an arrangement with The Paddock for many years allowing club members to use the sheltered housing parking providing we leave a minimum of two spaces for visitors to the residents. Please keep this in mind when you are using these spaces. 29 Aug

Trial of new system for busy weekend club sessions: As the club sessions are now so popular, we have introduced a 7 game rule at busy times.  This means:
When all the courts are in use and there are 8 or more people waiting, we’ll change to just playing 7 games.  In exceptional circumstances a committee member may use their judgement to introduce it earlier.
The rule applies both to people about to go onto court AND sets currently in play.  So if you are on court when the change is applied and you are already over 7 games, it means your set ends.  
The 7 game rule carries on until the numbers of people waiting reduces and a committee member rescinds the rule - at which point we revert to normal sets. 13 Jun

Facebook page: The club now has its own Facebook page.  You can access it from the foot of the homepage of this website (click on the F logo). We have already uploaded some cool videos and we look forward to our members contributing to the site. 25 Apr

Suggestion box: There is now a suggestion box in the Clubhouse for use by club members. 22 Feb

Adult play on Sunday mornings: Up until now, our agreement with the North Bank Estate has restricted the use of the courts on Sunday mornings to juniors playing against other juniors or family members, and the booking system accepts bookings only from members in those groups, up to 14 days in advance. Although the estate prefers that juniors have priority for play on Sunday mornings, they have now agreed to allow adults to take advantage of the remaining available courts that are not being used by juniors. So the club rules will be amended with immediate effect to allow the use of the courts on Sunday mornings by adult members if not previously booked for use by juniors. The booking system has been modified to allow adult members to book courts on a Sunday morning from the preceding Thursday (i.e. 3 days in advance). Adult members should see a new black button at the top right of the booking sheet which says 'View as Member'. To make a booking on a Sunday morning, the view must be changed using this button to 'View as Sunday Adult'. In this view, one booking of up to 90 minutes can be made on a Sunday morning up to 3 days in advance. The view button needs to be reset to 'View as Member' to make bookings at all other times. Family and Junior members should see no change in the booking system, which will continue to allow them to book on Sunday mornings up to 14 days in advance. 28 Jan

Upcoming events
Thursday 2 May: Wimbledon Ballot in the clubhouse
Saturday 8 June : Celebration of 100 years of MHMLTC at The Pavilion
21/22 September: Club Finals weekend