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Coronavirus advice:  We hope you are all safe and well during these difficult times. As expected, the LTA did confirm that all tennis venues must close and all courts must be placed out of action.  Thank you very much to the members who have already renewed their membership. If the closure of the courts continues beyond the end of April, we will offer everyone the choice of a pro-rata refund or a larger credit towards next year's membership.  If you haven't already renewed your membership, we need you to do so because we need to know precisely how many members we have, so that we can deal with the waiting list.  If anyone is in financial difficulty because of the current situation, we can agree to stage payments, but we will need an initial payment to secure your place for the year.  And of course we will offer everyone the choice of a refund this year or credit for next year in the case of an extended closure of the Club.  The Membership Secretary will be emailing those of you this week who haven't renewed with the details.  25 Mar

Maintenance of our tennis courts: Our courts receive maintenance by outside contractors 4 times a year.  This visit is the major one of the year, when all 4 courts are sprayed with moss killer and then brushed, and the infill is replenished.  In addition, on this visit, Courts 1-3 will be decompacted, which will revive the pile and aim to restore the surface to its original state.
Wednesday 1 April: Spraying of moss killer on all 4 courts. (Done)
Monday 27 April: Decompacting of Courts 1-3. Courts 1-3 out of use till 1pm.
Tuesday 28 AprilRenewing of infill on all 4 courts & power brushing. Courts out of use till 1pm. 13 Mar

League matches:  Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Middlesex Tennis have confirmed that both Winter and Summer League Competitions are cancelled, and no more matches will be played. 26 Mar 

Claire Unwin's report: Read our Club Captain's report to this year's AGM here >>

Mini-tennic coaching programme: Some 18 months ago, we established a mini-tennis programme at the club for young children aged from 4 to 8, to complement the established junior and adult coaching provided by Joe Anan. The mini-tennis coaching has been very ably led by Angie Dean of LDNTennis, who has proved to be very popular with the children, around 140 of whom have taken part in the coaching programme in the last year. Sadly, Angie and LDNTennis have decided not to continue coaching at MHMLTC after the end of March. The good news, however, is that we have secured the services of another excellent coaching team, led by Maria Lauren Wisdom, to take over the mini-tennis coaching programme. Maria and her colleagues will start with the Easter holiday courses (Monday 6 April for 3 days, and Tuesday 14 April for 2 days) and, from 22 April onwards, with regular coaching for 4 to 8 year-olds after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and on Saturday mornings. Although the weekdays are changing, the prices remain the same. All of the details about the coaching programmes can be found here>>. While we will be promoting the courses to local primary schools, we do hope that as many children of members and family friends will participate to continue the programme's success. 24 Feb

Change of Weekend Club Session starting time: From Sunday 29 March until the end of October, weekend club sessions will return to a 2:30pm starting time. 12 Feb

Good Friday: Play is not allowed on our courts on Good Friday 10 April. 12 Feb

Extra Club Session on Easter Monday: There will be an extra club session on Monday 13 April from 2:30pm to 6:00pm on three courts. 5 Mar

Extra Club Session on Spring Bank Holiday: There will be an extra club session on Monday 25 May from 2:30pm to 6:00pm on three courts. 12 Feb

American Tournament: Mary Dinwoodie and Angela Attrill have kindly offered to run an American Tournament on Sunday 7 June.  The tournament will ideally need 24 players and there will be more information nearer the time. 12 Feb

Clubhouse Heaters: The heater in the main room of the clubhouse has been left on all night which is wasteful and dangerous.  Especially while Joe is away but also in general we would ask club members to please remember to turn the dial on all of the heaters that have been used, down to the frost setting, if they are the last to leave the clubhouse, day or night. 12 Feb

Work on the grass bank: When the path behind courts 2 and 3 was widened in June, it left a steep drop from the grass bank.  The club decided that in the interest of safety, the drop should be replaced by a gradual slope down to the path.  Work to have this done has been carried out.  Soil was sliced off the bank and removed to another part of the estate and the area has been raked and reseeded. It will take a while for the grass to emerge but it should look good come the spring. 5 Nov

New Singles tennis ladder: We have started a new Singles Ladder for all members, all ages, ability and gender.  Please click here >> for details.  13 Oct 

Club Sessions: A reminder that in the interest of fairness, club session players are not allowed to pre select pairings for a set. We try to make the sets as balanced and fair as possible but have become aware that some members seem to be unwilling to comply with the spirit of our club sessions. 26 Sep

Supervision of Juniors: When children attend formal coaching sessions or holiday camps, they are supervised by the coaches concerned. However, when junior members and their guests use the club's facilities at any other time that is permitted by the club, parents and guardians must understand that there are no staff on the premises to safeguard, supervise or assist children, and at times there may not be any adults present at all. Parents must therefore accept complete responsibility for their juniors and guests when using the facilities of the club and the neighbouring North Bank estate, and either arrange for their play to be supervised or knowingly allow them to play unsupervised. 19 Nov

Safeguarding & Diversity: The LTA have asked us to make all members aware of their responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. There will shortly be a new noticeboard in the clubhouse with guidance and details of our Welfare Officers who will deal with any issues. In the meantime, you can find advice on what to do if you have a concern in the 'Emergencies' section of the Membership area of the website, and full details of the safeguarding, diversity and other polices in the 'Club policies' section. 20 Aug

Clubhouse Security: If court 4 is the only court being used and there is no-one in the clubhouse, in the interests of security please lock the clubhouse. 19 Nov

Court Bookings: On many occasions, courts have been booked but not used. Please remember to cancel your booking if you no longer need the court, so that the court can be used by other members. 14 Oct

MHMLTC member secures $200k tennis scholarship in USA: Click here >> to find out who. 25 May

Court 4 bookings:  Since October 2018 it has been possible to book Court 4 at times that were previously reserved for the North Bank Estate. Court 4 is still a shared resource with the estate, but  we have removed the restrictions on booking for both parties: club members and the estate can now book Court 4 with equal priority at any time when the court is not being used for priority events such as coaching or club sessions.  However estate users are not able to book Courts 1 to 3.  We know that Court 4 has now become very popular, and in order to give estate users fair access to Court 4, club members are encouraged to try to book Courts 1 to 3 in preference to Court 4, especially at weekends.  16 May 

Watching Tennis on TV: You may be surprised to know that the US Open in  August was not shown on any UK TV channel: to watch it you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video (for which there is a 30-day free trial). Nigel has updated his information about watching tennis here >>  Aug 20

Club Rules and Information: Your copy of Club Rules and Information was included with your receipt when your rejoined the club. Please take time to read the information as there were changes to rules etc since last year. 26 Mar

Volunteers needed for working parties: A couple of times a year we get together a working party to do some maintenance work round the club, e.g. leaf clearing, weeding, cutting back foliage, clearing the gutter.  Ian Jeffries keeps a list of volunteers that he calls upon when needs arise (no compulsion if you are unavailable!), so please email Ian at if you are willing to be added to the list.  Working parties usually take place at 10am on a Sunday and last a couple of hours. 19 Apr

Parking outside The Paddock: We have had an arrangement with The Paddock for many years allowing club members to use the sheltered housing parking providing we leave a minimum of two spaces for visitors to the residents. Please keep this in mind when you are using these spaces. 29 Aug

7 game rule for busy weekend club sessions: As the club sessions are now so popular, we have introduced a 7 game rule at busy times.  This means:
When all the courts are in use and there are 8 or more people waiting, we’ll change to just playing 7 games.  In exceptional circumstances a committee member may use their judgement to introduce it earlier.
The rule applies both to people about to go onto court AND sets currently in play.  So if you are on court when the change is applied and you are already over 7 games, it means your set ends.  
The 7 game rule carries on until the numbers of people waiting reduces and a committee member rescinds the rule - at which point we revert to normal sets. 13 Jun

Facebook page: The club now has its own Facebook page.  You can access it from the foot of the homepage of this website (click on the F logo). We have already uploaded some cool videos and we look forward to our members contributing to the site. 25 Apr

Adult play on Sunday mornings: Up until now, our agreement with the North Bank Estate has restricted the use of the courts on Sunday mornings to juniors playing against other juniors or family members, and the booking system accepts bookings only from members in those groups, up to 14 days in advance. Although the estate prefers that juniors have priority for play on Sunday mornings, they have now agreed to allow adults to take advantage of the remaining available courts that are not being used by juniors. So the club rules have been amended to allow the use of the courts on Sunday mornings by adult members if not previously booked for use by juniors. The booking system has been modified to allow adult members to book courts on a Sunday morning from the preceding Thursday (i.e. 3 days in advance). Adult members should see a new black button at the top right of the booking sheet which says 'View as Member'. To make a booking on a Sunday morning, the view must be changed using this button to 'View as Sunday Adult'. In this view, one booking of up to 90 minutes can be made on a Sunday morning up to 3 days in advance. The view button needs to be reset to 'View as Member' to make bookings at all other times. Family and Junior members should see no change in the booking system, which will continue to allow them to book on Sunday mornings up to 14 days in advance. 28 Jan

Upcoming events

7 June: American Tournament