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Latest News

Christmas tea: On Sunday 17 December at 4pm in the clubhouse. 9 Nov

Christmas Day: No play is allowed on any of our courts on Monday 25 December. 7 Oct

Vets' matches: are taking place at the club on the following Sundays from 11:00am till 2:00pm: 15 & 29 October, 26 November, 17 December, 7 & 21 January. 7 Oct

Additional club session: On Monday 1 January from 2pm to 5:30pm. 9 Nov

Court dragging brush: Following the cyclical maintenance of our tennis courts, the club has now purchased a new dragging brush, suitable for dragging courts 1-3. It’s to the side of court 1 and is the one with the U-shaped steel handle. The company that cleaned the courts advises that our artificial grass courts should be dragged on a regular basis. This serves to:

  • Brush up the pile
  • Distribute the granules
  • Prevent the growth of moss

The advice is to vary the direction of the dragging, so occasionally up/down, occasionally side to side and (best of all!) occasionally in concentric circles. So it would be greatly appreciated if anyone who has a bit of time could drag a court. Perhaps just before or after club session. If it’s done once a week, that would be enough to keep our courts in tip top condition. Many thanks to volunteers for their time and effort. 21 Nov

Maintenance of the courts: Planned maintenance of the courts is now complete.  This involved removing moss, cleaning and renewing courts 1-3 and power washing court 4.
The steps from the clubhouse down to court 2 have also been completely relaid. 13 Oct

Winter club session: From Sunday 29 October until Saturday 24 March, club session is from 2:00pm until 5:30pm. 7 Oct

AGM: Our AGM will be on Friday 16 March 2018 at the Pavilion Sports & Café, Albert Road Recreation Ground, London N22 7XL. 7 Oct

Parking outside The Paddock: We have had an arrangement with The Paddock for many years allowing club members to use the sheltered housing parking providing we leave a minimum of two spaces for visitors to the residents. Please keep this in mind when you are using these spaces. 29 Aug

Trial of new system for busy weekend club sessions:
As the club sessions are now so popular, we have introduced a 7 game rule at busy times.  This means:
When all the courts are in use and there are 8 or more people waiting, we’ll change to just playing 7 games.  In exceptional circumstances a committee member may use their judgement to introduce it earlier.
The rule applies both to people about to go onto court AND sets currently in play.  So if you are on court when the change is applied and you are already over 7 games, it means your set ends.  
The 7 game rule carries on until the numbers of people waiting reduces and a committee member rescinds the rule - at which point we revert to normal sets. 13 Jun

Facebook page: The club now has its own Facebook page.  You can access it from the foot of the homepage of this website (click on the F logo). We have already uploaded some cool videos and we look forward to our members contributing to the site. 25 Apr

Suggestion box: There is now a suggestion box in the Clubhouse for use by club members. 22 Feb

Adult play on Sunday mornings: Up until now, our agreement with the North Bank Estate has restricted the use of the courts on Sunday mornings to juniors playing against other juniors or family members, and the booking system accepts bookings only from members in those groups, up to 14 days in advance. Although the estate prefers that juniors have priority for play on Sunday mornings, they have now agreed to allow adults to take advantage of the remaining available courts that are not being used by juniors. So the club rules will be amended with immediate effect to allow the use of the courts on Sunday mornings by adult members if not previously booked for use by juniors. The booking system has been modified to allow adult members to book courts on a Sunday morning from the preceding Thursday (i.e. 3 days in advance). Adult members should see a new black button at the top right of the booking sheet which says 'View as Member'. To make a booking on a Sunday morning, the view must be changed using this button to 'View as Sunday Adult'. In this view, one booking of up to 90 minutes can be made on a Sunday morning up to 3 days in advance. The view button needs to be reset to 'View as Member' to make bookings at all other times. Family and Junior members should see no change in the booking system, which will continue to allow them to book on Sunday mornings up to 14 days in advance. 28 Jan

Upcoming events

Sunday 17 December: Christmas tea at the clubhouse
Friday 16 March: AGM at The Pavilion