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Club closure:  Parliament has today passed the latest lockdown legislation which requires all outdoor sporting facilities to be closed for four weeks from midnight tonight, and the LTA has acknowledged that there is now no option but for all clubs to close. You can read the response from the CEO of the LTA here>>. The LTA encourages all players to keep fit during lockdown, and has provided advice in its Tennis at Home Hub here>>. From tomorrow morning, there will be no access to the club or courts. If you have a court booking in the next week, it will automatically be cancelled as the booking system will reflect the closure of the courts for the coming four weeks. As with the closure at the start of the year, we will make an allowance to reduce your renewal fee which will reflect the number of weeks that the club has had to close.  We will let you know if there is any relaxation regarding tennis during the lockdown, but in the meantime wish all members well during these frustrating times. 4 Nov

Winter club session: From Sunday 25 October, after the clocks have changed, the weekend club session will be from 2:00pm until 5:00pm, and will remain at this time until the end of March 2021.  To minimise waiting time in the cold on Sundays, we have decided we will use the 7-game rule once there are 5 or more people waiting. We will of course revert to a full set as numbers reduce. 21 Oct

Cakes for The Paddock: In past years we have provided tea on our terrace for residents of The Paddock sheltered housing, which is situated behind our club.  This year, because of the pandemic, that was not possible, but we wanted to continue the tradition in some way.  So our skilled baking members Kate Engineer, Lorraine Fox and Pat Taylor prepared a selection of delicious cakes for all the residents and the staff of The Paddock.  It was a big project but one that was very much appreciated by all at The Paddock.  A big thank you to Kate, Lorraine and Pat.  29 Sep

Covid guidance:  Please take note of the latest guidance from the LTA regarding the rule of sixmembers must not mingle in groups of more than six before and after tennis activity, while maintaining social distancing with those from another household at all times. Attendees must avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group they are with, even if they see other people they know, at all times during their visit.
Also please note that for practical reasons, we are following LTA recommendations to keep the clubhouse closed to members and visitors apart from the use of toilets and use by Joe and Maria. So:

  • the clubhouse is open only for the use of toilets: sanitise on the way in and out
  • members and visitors must not shelter in the clubhouse in the event of rain
  • the clubhouse kitchen is out of bounds: there is a drinking water tap just as you come through the black metal gate 
  • the clubhouse changing rooms are out of bounds apart from access to the toilets
  • the clubhouse windows should not be touched: Joe has taken charge of keeping the clubhouse ventilated and so we would ask that you leave Joe to close the windows when he leaves.                                                                           24 Sep

Weekend Club Session:  From Sunday 4 October the weekend end session will  be on a Sunday each week, from 2:30 to 5:30, and this will the case for the next three months.  We will review this arrangement at the end of December.

If you would like to play in this session we would ask that you do the following:

  • sanitise hands on arrival and departure
  • observe social distancing when off the court by using chairs that are spaced well apart
  • leave the use of the white board and the cards for arranging sets to the committee members on duty
  • not use the club house except for use of the toilets                                                                                               24 Sep

Booking System Changes: Members may  book up to a week in advance and it is possible to have one booking each day.  Please remember to cancel a booking if the court is no longer needed.  31 Aug

British Tennis Membership:  We ask all adult members and juniors 11 and over to sign up for free British Tennis Membership Lite. If you aren't already a member, please sign up and quote Muswell Hill Methodist as your tennis venue: Aug

Wimbledon Ballot 2021:  The LTA have decided to replace Club Ballots with a centralised Club Members' ballot next year that will operate much like the public ballot. British Tennis members will be asked to opt in to the ballot early next year, and then if successful will simply be allocated a ticket which they can accept or decline. The LTA will write to all members with more details about the changes in due course.  31 Aug

Guests:  From 1 August, you are allowed to play tennis at MHMLTC with a guest under the following rules:

  • one member may bring only one guest at a time
  • no one person may be brought as a guest more than five time in a membership year, irrespective of whose guest they are
  • you must register the guest name and proposed date of play by email in advance before the guest attends
  • guest registration is a condition of our insurance
  • the guest fee (£5 for an adult or £3 for a junior) must be paid by bank transfer immediately after play

To register your guest, you must send an email in advance with your or the member's name, the name of the guest you have invited and the date you plan to play to [email protected]  As soon as practicable after your guest has attended, please make your payment of the guest fee by bank transfer to the club bank account.  1 Aug

Parking at MHMLTC:  We ask that, where possible, you walk or cycle to the club. If you need to drive,  we have 7 spaces in our car park and we ask that the first car to arrive parks at one end or other of the car park, to encourage others to park so that we make use of the 7 spaces. In addition, we need to remind long standing members and to advise new members of the following:

  • We have no right to use car parking spaces at The Paddock. It is merely a friendly arrangement with a neighbour
  • We may only use The Paddock spaces when our spaces are full
  • When using The Paddock spaces we must always leave 2 spaces empty  so that we do not deprive any resident or visitor of a space
  • We are not permitted to park in the curve opposite the entrance to The Paddock parking. 5 Aug

Junior Club Sessions: We are trialling a Junior Club Session for junior club members aged 11 to 14 (or thereabouts) from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm every Sunday starting on Sunday 20 September. The session is for junior club members only, and members need to check with Joe to ensure that they are at the right level for the session.  There will be no charge, and balls and floodlighting will be provided.  To attend, call Joe on 07956 265158 or email him at [email protected]28 Aug

Junior coaching programmes: The Junior Programme for summer/autumn is now out.  Please click here >> for details. 18 Aug

Junior Shoe Tags: We ask that all junior members have their purple shoe tag with them when playing at the club17 Jul

Floodlights and Clubhouse: Floodlights can now be used but the kitchen remains out of bounds.  17 Jul

Reopening of the club toilets: Club members are now able to enter the clubhouse but ONLY to use the men's or ladies' loo.  Please observe the following rules:

  • maximum of two members in the clubhouse at a time having used sanitiser before entering - children must be accompanied by an adult
  • use of cleaning materials provided in changing rooms before use of loo and after
  • use of paper towels for hand drying must be disposed of in bins provided
  • please do not put disposable wipes in the loo 

Please note that the kitchen remains out of bounds at present as do the changing room for changing.
Please also be aware that the last person leaving the club at any point in the day and especially in the evening is responsible for ensuring that the door to the clubhouse is double locked and the metal gate closed.
A general reminder: it is an LTA requirement that all courts users must use the sanitiser on arrival and departure.
Please keep up the good work of ensuring court gates are closed, particularly at the end of day.  18 Jun

MembershipWe now have a full adult membership and have welcomed some new members who have been on the waiting list for some time. 17 Jul

Court bookings: Members are now able to play doubles at the club with players from different households in accordance with the new guidance for players issued by the LTA here >>.   As we are still in the middle of a very serious pandemic, it is important that all members maintain 2-metre social distancing and observe the LTA and club rules, including those summarised below:

  • All play must be pre-booked via our Clubspark booking system
  • You may book only one hour a day on Court 4 and up to 1.5 hours on Courts 1-3
  • To book for 1.5 hours on Courts 1-3:  change the 'View as Member' button at the top right of the booking screen to 'View as Max'
  • No member should play more than a single booking of 1 or 1.5 hours of adult tennis in a day 
  • Please try to avoid leaving 30 minute gaps between bookings
  • Bookings can be made 6 days in advance
  • Bookings not needed must be cancelled well in advance
  • Please do not enter the club before the start time of your booking and leave the court 5 minutes before the end of your booked time
  • Please use the sanitiser from the dispenser just inside the gate or beside the clubhouse door when you arrive and when you leave
  • Please bring your own tennis balls that have a distinguishing mark on them
  • Please close all court gates when you leave by using your racket or by other means to avoid touching the gate with your hands                
  • It is vital that the court gates are closed in order that foxes cannot get on the courts   
  • For the time being the clubhouse will remain closed except for using the toilets
  • Please attach your Parking Permit to your windscreen                                                                                                                    31 May

New Singles tennis ladder: We have started a new Singles Ladder for all members, all ages, ability and gender.  Please click here >> for details.  13 Oct 

Joe's tennis tips: Joe has posted three videos on the club's Facebook page to keep us connected with our tennis.  Click here >> to see them.  20 Apr

Regular court maintenance programme: 

  • On 1 April, all 4 courts were sprayed with moss killer.
  • On 1 May, Courts 1-3 were decompacted, which revives the pile and aims to restore the surface to its original state.  All 4 courts were power brushed and new infill was applied – rubber granules on Courts 1-3 and sand on Court 4.  All this work should ensure the courts now play well.
  • On 30 July, all 4 courts were power brushed.
  • On 19 October, all courts will be sprayed with moss killer.
  • On 9 November, all 4 courts will be power brushed.                                                                                                                   30 Jul

Claire Unwin's report: Read our Club Captain's report to this year's AGM here >>

Supervision of Juniors: When children attend formal coaching sessions or holiday camps, they are supervised by the coaches concerned. However, when junior members and their guests use the club's facilities at any other time that is permitted by the club, parents and guardians must understand that there are no staff on the premises to safeguard, supervise or assist children, and at times there may not be any adults present at all. Parents must therefore accept complete responsibility for their juniors and guests when using the facilities of the club and the neighbouring North Bank estate, and either arrange for their play to be supervised or knowingly allow them to play unsupervised. 19 Nov

Safeguarding & Diversity: The LTA have asked us to make all members aware of their responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. There will shortly be a new noticeboard in the clubhouse with guidance and details of our Welfare Officers who will deal with any issues. In the meantime, you can find advice on what to do if you have a concern in the 'Emergencies' section of the Membership area of the website, and full details of the safeguarding, diversity and other polices in the 'Club policies' section. 20 Aug

Clubhouse Security: If court 4 is the only court being used and there is no-one in the clubhouse, in the interests of security please lock the clubhouse. 19 Nov

Court 4 bookings:  Since October 2018 it has been possible to book Court 4 at times that were previously reserved for the North Bank Estate. Court 4 is still a shared resource with the estate, but  we have removed the restrictions on booking for both parties: club members and the estate can now book Court 4 with equal priority at any time when the court is not being used for priority events such as coaching or club sessions.  However estate users are not able to book Courts 1 to 3.  We know that Court 4 has now become very popular, and in order to give estate users fair access to Court 4, club members are encouraged to try to book Courts 1 to 3 in preference to Court 4, especially at weekends.  16 May 

Volunteers needed for working parties: A couple of times a year we get together a working party to do some maintenance work round the club, e.g. leaf clearing, weeding, cutting back foliage, clearing the gutter.  Ian Jeffries keeps a list of volunteers that he calls upon when needs arise (no compulsion if you are unavailable!), so please email Ian at [email protected] if you are willing to be added to the list.  Working parties usually take place at 10am on a Sunday and last a couple of hours. 19 Apr

Facebook page: The club now has its own Facebook page.  You can access it from the foot of the homepage of this website (click on the F logo). We have already uploaded some cool videos and we look forward to our members contributing to the site. 25 Apr


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