Club Ladder

The club Singles Ladder is for all members, all ages, abilities and gender. 

You can challenge any one of the three players above you in the ladder to a 'Pro-set', which is the first to 9 games (change on odds, normal deuce). If the game score reaches 8-8, then there is a normal tiebreak won by the first player to 7 leading by 2.

The winning challenger jumps over the loser on the ladder. 

Challenges must be played within three weeks, unless there are mutually agreed exceptions because of injury, holiday etc. You can request a rematch, but a minimum of four weeks must elapse between matches.

When you join the ladder, your initial position will be decided by the Head Coach. To join the ladder, or to ask any questions, please email Sylvia Hines here>>

We've decided to manage the ladder via a web application, so you will be sent an invitation link to join the MHMLTC community on Playwaze, which is the application we've chosen. Please follow the link you are sent and choose the option to Register near the foot of the page. Once registered, the administrator can add you to the ladder in the position agreed by Joe. Logging in to Playwaze then allows you to view the ladder, to contact other ladder players, and to post results. 

To challenge any of the three people above you, you can contact them in person, by phone, or you can send an email. If you don't know their email address, you can find it out from Playwaze. Click on Members in the column on the left, and click on the name of the person you want to challenge. It's best to copy their email address into your normal email program. It is possible to send messages in Playwaze by pressing the blue envelope; however, please be aware that some members have not received Playwaze emails for reasons that we do not yet understand. 

To add a result, log in to Playwaze, select the ladder, and tick the boxes to select yourself and your opponent, then press the blue 'add result' button.  It should allow you to enter the result of the single set and let you press the 'Winner' button. If the system asks for a 3 set result, just enter the left-most first set for your result and then select the 'winner' button. This should automatically promote the winner above the loser.

You may update the clubhouse T-cards to reflect the online ladder. 

Once registered, you can log in to Playwaze here>>