The coaching programme at Oundle is run by James Muir, LTA CCA Performance Coach, Level 4 and his team.

James's team offer coaching for groups to individuals. Tuition covers match play, performance play and strength and conditioning sessions as well as holiday camps throughout the year.

Please be aware that, except for those joining the Junior Tennis Camps, anyone wanting to have coaching must become an OTC member.  An adult coaching membership rate has been arranged to accommodate this, details of which are here.  

Coaching during the Coronavirus Pandemic - updated 1st March 2021

Tennis lessons for individuals and groups of up to 12 adults or 15 children is now taking place. Details of forthcoming Junior Coaching Camps are given here. Contact James Muir for more information

The following safety guidelines must be  adhered to, in addition to the guidelines already sent out by the club committee.  

  • Social distancing applies at all times - (if/when lessons with more than one person are allowed, all players to stay 2 meters apart following the distancing rules)
  • All lessons will be 55 minutes long to limit player contact in-between each session
  • All players must bring their own Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser
  • All players must bring own tennis racket
  • Players will not touch the balls with their hands
  • Coaches will collect all balls during the session with the hopper
  • Clubhouse will not be in use
  • Coaches will brief players of the safety measures upon arrival prior to their first lesson
  • All lessons are to be booked via Head Coach (call 07985 286176 or email [email protected])
  • All payments for individual lessons are required at time of booking and will be taken via bank transfer only.


Group Coaching

Regular adult and junior coaching block sessions (detailed here) run throughout the term time, with Junior Camps running during the Easter and Summer holdiays.

It is often possible to join in after a block has started. Please contact James using the details below.   

Private Coaching 

Is offered to individuals or small groups for adults and juniors of all abilities.

James can be contacted at [email protected] and on 07985 286176