Covid-19 Rules for a Safe Return to Play


******Please Read Carefully******


Arranging To Play


  • Play is restricted to singles or doubles between a maximum of 6 players per court. 
  • All Social Tennis sessions and coaching can resume from Monday 26th April. Max 30 players including coaches/organisers per session.
  • Coaching is permitted. Children's group coaching is permitted. Adult group coaching is permitted. The coaching team will book courts for coaching.
  • Courts are only bookable between 7am and 9pm. Courts can only be booked on the hour.  Play is restricted to a maximum of 50 minutes. 
  • Members can only book a maximum of 4 hours per week (to allow all members the chance to play).


Before You Set Off


  • One of the people playing MUST have booked a court, you CANNOT just turn up at the club and play. All courts are booked on the hour. 
  • The person who has booked the court must enter all players' names into the court booking. It is the booker's responsibility that this information is correct so that PLTC can contact all players in case of a suspected outbreak.  
  • All members of the group must be fully paid up members of PLTC for the year.
  • Bring your own tennis balls, these must be marked with your initials.
  • If you are showing any Covid-19 symptoms you must not play and should not enter the club grounds.


Arriving At The Club


  • Travel to the club on your own in line with the Welsh Government rules in place at the time.
  • Arrive at the club  5 minutes before your start time, if you are early stay in your car.
  • The gate to the club will be on the latch, no need to key in the code.
  • The first and last bookings of each day are responsible for opening/closing the site. Please see your booking confirmation when booking the courts.
  • Hand sanitisers will be available at the entrance of the club and at the entrance of the courts, please use them to sanitise your hands.
  • The courts should be empty, if not, please wait in a safe area at least 2 metres from any other member/household. 
  • Proceed to the court you have booked, choose opposite sides of the net to leave any drinks or equipment.


Playing Tennis


  • Nets will be pre-set at playing height, you will not be able to adjust them, these will be checked on a regular basis.
  • Players on court may share the same set of marked balls.
  • Any balls that come on your court from another court ideally should not be handled and rolled back to the correct court when safe to do so by using your foot or end of your racquet.
  • If you decide to swap ends of the court, players need to pass either side of the net, make sure you keep 2 metres apart if adjacent courts are changing over at the same time.
  • Play is strictly for 50 minutes, you must leave your court at 10 minutes to the hour.
  • Once you have finished play you should leave the courts promptly and if staying on the grounds then members should respect social distancing. 




  • People being coached will enter the courts around the back of the courts through the court entrance on the side of court 3.
  • One parent or carer may stay and watch their child being coached but must stay 2 metres from the coach or any other player/person. 


General Information


  • The first court booking of each day shall be responsible for opening the main (white) gate and putting it on the latch for ease of access of other members. Be sure to sanitise yourself before and after using the gate. 
  • The last court booking to leave the grounds each evening shall be responsible for locking the main (white) gate. Again, please be sure to sanitise yourself before and after use. 
  • This gate will be regularly sanitised.
  • There is a first aid kit hanging on a hook by the clubhouse fire exit door. If this is used please make sure you replace it.
  • The clubhouse will remain locked and be out of bounds to all members  except for access to the Floodlight controls or the toilets. If you wish to use the toilets or access the floodlights please purchase a key fob. 
  • If you are showing any Covid-19 symptoms you must follow the Welsh Government’s rules on isolating, if you have recently played please notify us at [email protected]