Membership & Joining Information

PLTC offers a range of playing membership categories for adult and junior players, individuals and families, plus social membership. 

The Membership Year

The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March

New Members

New members can join at any point in the year. If a new member joins from September, there is a special 40% discount off the full rate.


Renewals must be made before the end of April.  Members who fail to renew by the end of April will be required to pay a surcharge, which equates to around an additional 10%.

Membership Open to All

Club membership is open to all and PLTC is committed to ensuring it remains open, accepting and accessible to all sections of society.  To achieve this commitment PLTC considers and champions Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues throughout all aspects of the organisation by welcoming diversity, accepting difference and challenging all forms of discrimination and unjust behaviour.

Membership Categories & Eligibility

PLTC has a range of membership packages and they all have different benefits. Click the link below to find out about our different packages available: 

Membership Packages 2022/23

Club ‘Citizenship’

The club is run entirely on a voluntary basis and so depends on the energy and enthusiasm of its members.  All members have a responsibility to contribute to running the club in some way, at some point. This, of course, does not have to be a major commitment and will depend on several factors, such as job or family situation and could take several forms – including a formal role on the committee, occasional volunteering, taking charge of a specific event or activity or lending technical expertise.

If you are the sort of person who likes ‘getting involved’, we will be pleased to hear from you.  We welcome any help, as little or as much as you want to give.  Contact the chairman or any other club official.

Joining Process

Membership to PLTC is now taken online!

  • Click 'Membership' in the menu, scroll down to view our membership types and click 'Join Now'
  • Currently each member (new or renewing) must go through the joining process seperately. 
  • All members aged 16 or over must join and register themselves through the website. 
  • If you are not able to join online please contact our membership secretary


  1. Anyone who uses the club’s facilities, plays social or team tennis must be a member – whether social or playing. Members may invite 'Guests' to use the club on up to 3 occasions per year. More information here.
  2. The membership year starts on 1st April
  3. Social members are not entitled to play tennis (except in certain occasional special events)
  4. Junior age is taken as at 1st April.
  5. Country membership is for those who permanently live at least 50 miles from the club
  6. Students should be in full time further or higher education.
  7. Children of members aged 4 or under may use the club and do not need to join as a member.
  8. Children 5 years or over who use the club must be a member (either playing or social).
  9. Read the 'Club Rules'. By signing or typing your name, you and those you are signing for, agree to abide by these.
  10. Please do not leave a cheque in the clubhouse / behind the bar. If you wish to pay by an alternative method then please contact our membership secretary.
  11. Once you have joined please keep your contact details up to date. Virtually all club communication (such as news updates and newsletters) is via email, social media, text messages or through the club webpages.
  12. Anyone who uses the club’s facilities or plays social or team tennis must be a member – whether social or playing (with the exception of visitors paying a visitor’s fee).