Team Practice & Social Tennis

Team Practice Sessions

In the summer months during the main tennis season the teams will practice during Men’s and Ladies Nights organised by the captains. Captains may also book court time for dedicated practice from time to time. To get involved in playing with the teams please contact one of the captains here.

Ladies Night

Wednesdays from 6pm is Ladies' Night. The ladies organise their weekly practice session via a WhatsApp Group. Each week ladies nominate which of the 3 x 45 minute slots (between 6-8.15pm) they are available to play. The captains then organise and publish a rota each week for the ladies to play. 

Men's Night

Men’s Night takes place every Tuesday from 6pm.  All playing members and invited juniors are encouraged to turn up to practice on Tuesdays to mix in and play sets of tennis. Where and when occasions allow, a representative from the Tennis Committee will seek to organise members into standardised pairings for the purpose of team practice and players' development. The aim of this is to promote match practice for team players and potential team players, while also allowing social tennis for those not interested in playing in teams. The men enjoy the social scene off the court just as much as they do on the court. Even when it's raining it's always worth popping along on a Tuesday night.   


Social Mix-In Tennis

We run weekly Mix-in sessions that any adult playing members (of any level) and invited junors can attend. They work on the basis that you turn up and mix-in. Every so often pairs swap around so that you play against someone new. Sessions available: 

Thursdays 2pm-4pm

Fridays 6pm-10pm