Club Contacts (updated March 2024)

Role Who Email
Got a question or want to make a suggestion? Committee
Membership Kevin Davison
Court Bookings Kevin Davison
2024 Committee    
Chairperson Peter Richardson
Secretary Ian Bews
Treasurer Kevin Davison
Welfare Officer Hannah Nash
Co-opted onto the Committee: Alastair Geddes  
  Laura Robson  
  Catherine Pease  
  James Chantry  
  Liz Boyes-Watson  
  Martin Pinfold  
  Paul Boyes-Watson  
Other Contacts    
Coach Jonny Kay
Ladder Phil Bywater
WhatsApp Groups Ian Bews
Summer Mixed Singles League Alastair Geddes

Men's 1st Team captain Misha Neverov
Men's 2nd Team captain Russ Warin
Men's 3rd Team captain Paul Boyes-Watson
Ladies 1st Team captain Laura Robson
Ladies 2nd Team captain Liz Boyes-Watson
Mixed 1st Team captain Martin George
Mixed 2nd Team captain Martin Pinfold
Mixed 3rd Team captain Cath Pease