Team Matches

The club has 2 teams each for Ladies, Mens & Mixed Doubles entered in Berkshire LTA leagues.

Fixtures and dates for the Berkshire Dunlop Summer League are shown below.  2 courts are reserved for matches.Matches in the summer leagues are on a Saturday starting at 1:30pm 

Please contact; Linda Burton for general match play enquires via email or mobile 07764844932

Click on the league links below for the latest fixtures, results and league tables.

Ladies 1 Mens 1 Mixed 1
Captain - Sarah Armitage  email Captain - Tim Armitage email Captain - Sheila Scott email

Summer League 2024  Div 4B

Sat 20th April Riseley 1   home
Sat 11th May Wokingham 2  away
Sat 1st June Ascot 2  home
Sat 22nd June Maidenhead 4 away
Sat 6th July Peppard  home

Summer League 2024  Div 4B

Sat 13th April  Wokingham 3 away
Sat 18th May Windsor 5  home
Sat 8th June Caversham Park 3 away
Sat 29th June DL Royal Berks 2  home
Sat 13th July  Windsor 3 away

Summer League 2024  Div 3B

Sat 27th July  Ascot 1  away
Sat 3rd Aug Wargrave 2 home
Sat 10th AugCaversham Park 2 away 
Sat 7th Sept Home Park 2  home
Sat 14th Sept DL Royal Berks away

Winter  League 2023/4   Div  6

Winter  League 2023/4  Div 4 Winter  League 2023/4  Div 4
Ladies 2 Mens 2 Mixed 2
Captain - Sarah Armitage  email Captain - Elnur Seyidli email Captain - Elnur Seyidli email

Summer League 2024  Div 7A

Sat 20th April Shiplake 2  away
Sat 1st June Bradfield 3  away
Sat 22nd June Maidenhead 5 home
Sat 6th July Cholsey  away

Summer  League 2024  Div 8A

Sat 13th April Basildon home
Sat 18th May Purley  away
Sat 8th June BCS 2  home
Sat 29th June Wokingham 5  away
Sat 13th July Twyford 4  home

 Summer League 2024  Div 7 

Sat 27th July Shinfield 3  home
Sat 3rd Aug Westmorland Park away
Sat 10th Aug  Purley  home
Sat 7th Sept TRL away
Sat 21st Sept  Wellington 2 home
Sat 28th Sept Bracknell 6 away

 Winter League 2023/4   Div  9 Winter League 2023/4  Div 7 East   Winter League 2023/4  Div 6 West



Team Coaching:  Team coaching dates for 2024 are:

Ladies: All Thursday nights 6-7pm  18 Apr, 16 May, 13 June

Mens:  All Thursday nights 6-7pm   25 Apr, 9 May, 6 June

Mixed: All Thursday nights 6-7pm  11, 18 and 25 July