Match Practice

At St. Leonards and St. Ives Tennis Club we offer Match Play practice for all ages.

Match play is the perfect addition to a player's lessons, enabling them to put into practice tactics and techniques they are learning. The match play sessions we offer are competitive, with the results recorded, and prizes for the winner of the term and for the player showing most improvement. Results are sent to the LTA and go towards the player ratings. 

Along with the competitive element of match play we teach the rules and ettiquite of tennis, which is just as important as the playing itself. We encourage our players to play honestly and show good sportsmanship throughout. 

Above all else we want everyone to enjoy playing whether they win or lose. Competing can be stressful, but playing in an environment where a player is comfortable with people they know is a great introduction to competing in tournaments outside the club.


Day Age Time Level Coach Contact
Tuesday Mini Red 5-6pm Dev/Pro Carl 07983981575
Saturday Mini Red 10-11am Dev/Pro Paul 07709821006
Saturday  Orange Ball 11-12pm Dev/Pro Paul 07709821006
Saturday Mini Green 1-2pm Dev/Pro Carl 07983981575
Sunday Jnr Tennis 11+ 4-6pm Dev 4 Niko 07769049854
Sunday Jnr Tennis 11+ 4-6pm Dev 3 Niko 07769049854
Sunday Jnr Tennis 11+ 6-8pm Pro 2 Niko 07769049854
Sunday Jnr Tennis 11+ 6-8pm Pro 1 Niko 07769049854


Any questions you may have get in touch the coaches are happy to help!


Session Prices    
  Member Non-Member
Match Play Mini Red & Orange £4.00 £6.00
Match play Mini Green & Jnr Tennis £3.50 £5.50