Lighting up times for MUGA Floodlights

Floodlights should come on automatically when needed and are charged for all users at £0.50 per 30 minute slot. This applies to both Members and P2P users, and will be applied at the time of booking. 


Users using the Booker app have more payment options, such as Apple pay.


The fee is set by the Parish Council, and all this money, less handling fees, goes directly to them.


The lights come on a few minutes before, and go off a few minutes after, a booking within the times below. 


We have set times for lighting agreed for each month.


The set times agreed for each month are:

  • January - 3pm
  • February to mid-March - 4pm
  • late March [until BST starts] - 5pm
  • from BST start, plus April - 6.30pm
  • May - 7.30pm
  • June & July - 8pm
  • August - 7pm
  • September - 6pm
  • early October - 5.30pm
  • late October [until BST ends] - 4.30pm
  • end of October [when GMT starts] plus November & December - 3pm