Multi Sports at Stapleford MUGA

Following The Parish Council's refurbishment of the old tennis courts into a state of the art MUGA, there is now availability for other sports to use the facility on specific days.


Court 2 (nearest the entry gate and children's play area) is available to book for Netball on Thursdays.

Football / Basketball hoop

Court 1 (furthest from the entry gate and next to the road) is available to book on Wednesdays as an open court for football or basketball. 

On any other day, court 1 may be booked in a "tennis" slot to use the Basketball hoop (there is only one hoop); the tennis net will still be in place on those days.


As with tennis availability, all these sessions can be booked via this website (see 'Booking').  To enquire about long term bookings for Multi-sports (i.e regular slots every week for long periods - suitable for clubs) contact the Parish Clerk: EMAIL PARISH CLERK