Safe Play




When using the courts, always follow these rules for safe play:


—  Decide for yourself whether the courts are safe to use: check the courts for stones, debris or anything else which may cause slips, trips, or interference and clear these using the broom provided.

—  Wear suitable sports footwear to avoid injury or damage to the courts.

—  Be alert to on-going games as you enter the court and cross courts or move about with courtesy to other players.

—  Warm up before you start playing.

—  Keep sports bags, water bottles, and any equipment away from the courts, well outside the boundaries.

—  Use an appropriate racket which is the correct size and weight.

—  Keep the court free from loose balls as they are a trip hazard:

  • Gather and store them safely off the court.
  • Stop play if another ball rolls or appears from another court.

—  Watch games from outside the courts and/or well away at the side, not near play.

—  Remove jewellery or watches which could cause injury in a fall.

—  Stay hydrated at all times, especially in hot/humid conditions.

—  Report all accidents, injuries and any damage at the MUGA to STC at and Stapleford Parish Council at



—  DO NOT play if the courts are icy or very wet and slippery.

—  DO NOT throw tennis rackets.

—  DO NOT jump the nets.

—  DO NOT climb the fence.

—  DO NOT enter the neighbouring field to retrieve lost balls.