Congratulations to Sam Thorley, the winner of the  April Wednesday Night League.

Over the 4 Wednesdays in April.  Members interested in playing team tennis have been invited to participate in a more competitive environment in preparation for the season ahead. Players were organised in groups of 4 each week. Each player played with all members of the group in sets, and the first to 6. The player's score for the evening was the cumulation of games won in each set. Players were seeded within the leagues to ensure they were playing their competitive standard with promotion and relegation taking place between groups in line with the City and Suburban league.

The final scores  were:

Sam Thorley                             65

John McCredie                       60

Tony Molloy                              54

Henriette Robinson                54

Chris Simmons                        49

Jackie Thorley                         42

Darren McAree                      41

Jason Warren                          30


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