If you're wanting to book for term 2 starting after October half term, please make sure you select a course with Term 2 in the title and also check the dates you're booking for (Nov-Dec). If you'd like to book for the current term then you'll only pay for the sessions that are remaining* - the system automatically updates so you'll never be paying too much.

*If you book a full course before the start date the cost per session does come in slightly cheaper, so there is rewards for booking early!!


Mini Tennis is taught from 3yrs to 10yrs old with an emphasis on enjoyment, but is also the best stage at which to champion hard work, focus and respect, life skills not only good on court, but also off court. Toby is keen to build a strong mini tennis section with regularly competing minis and allow kids to enjoy competition and team tennis from an early age.

Junior Tennis is played from 10 yrs old and although many children start with Mini Tennis our coaching team happily teach absolute beginners of any age. The goal for junior players is for them to transition into the other areas of the club such as mens and ladies leagues and match practice evenings when they're are of a strong enough standard.

We offer regular squads term time after school Mon-Fri from 4pm and also on Sat & Sun from 9am. There will no longer be any junior pay 'n' play sessions on Saturday mornings at the tennis club - the reasons for this is that I can't predcit numbers so therefore cannot commit to appropriate coach-pupil ratios. For Saturday mornings you'll now need to book onto a course for the duration of a term (6-8 weeks dependant on time of school year). 

To help book onto an appropriate course please use the 'Apply Filters' button after selecting day/level, etc.