Our head coach provides a professional stringing service, so if you break a string or just want some fresh life in your racket please drop your racket with him and he'll get it back to you as soon as he can!

Don't worry if you don't know which string choice to go for - Toby can advise. Drop him an email or text ( or 07813 728 674)



your own string (make sure there is enough on the reel left to string a full racket!)


Babolat RPM Blast - BLACK - RPM Blast brings heavy spin and maximum control to your game. As you swing big with full strokes, RPM Blast consistently performs and lives up to the hype. You’ll be ripping winners, hitting dipping pass shots, and creating angles you didn’t know existed. Just ask Rafa. Or his opponents.

Babolat RPM Rough - BLACK - If you want to WIN, you need to use SPIN. The RPM Rough tennis string gives you great spin. You can actually feel the string texture. And the texture gives every stroke more bite. No wonder this string is used by the world's best players, including Félix Auger-Aliassime.

Solinco Tour Bite Soft 17 1.20mm - SILVER - Toby's string of choice! Tour Bite Soft is a softer high performance polyester monofilament string which has been designed to offer comfort and generate power, intense spin and ball bite from the design and shape of the fibers. Offering great tension maintenance.

Babolat RPM Hurricane - YELLOW - this poly string adds spin, control, and durability to your game. The octagonal structure with a high-density co-polyester adds a phenomenal rotation to the ball and brings an exceptional spin.

Technifibre Multifeel - NATURAL - a multifilament string that is constructed using a monofilament core wrapped with multifilament. This offers great comfort and durability. Multifeel is a great choice for players who require a high quality softer, arm friendly string.

Babolat Xcel - NATURAL - Looking for exceptional comfort, feel, and power? XCEL is the next best string to natural gut. XCEL comes loaded with shock absorbing properties that provide you impressive performance, while being easy on your arm.


Signum Pro Poly Plasma - ORANGE - ideal for high acceleration and precise ball control. This is also the best string for tension loss as it is known for not losing tension! The improved molecular structure of the Signum Pro Poly Plasma string offers tremendous advantages. While the ball can be accelerated quickly and positioned precisely, the string remains in place despite minimal tension losses and does not slip even with harder shots.

Pro's pro Kingut 16L 1.25mm - WHITE - a multifilament synthetic string, giving arm protection and playing comfort, the characteristics usually found only in natural gut string. Constructed from highly elastic multifilament, they are compressed into a powerful string core. This string core is wrapped with a layer of braided, tension retaining monofilaments and a layer of durable, flexible multi-filaments. Particularly suited for players with arm or wrist problems.


Babolat SYN GUT 1.30mm - BLACK - A single wrap polyamide structure that offers a great comfort and tension hold. Ideal for beginners and intermediate players.

Pro's pro Devil Spin 16L 1.26mm - BLACK - a high performance, polyester/monofilament string, suited more towards aggressive players. It offers extreme spin performance and control. Devil Spin features a twisted texture which is substantially stronger than conventional twisted strings and very durable. This roughness will increase the bite of the ball but at the same time is a comfortable and playable string.

Pro's pro Eruption 16L 1.24mm - NEON GREEN - a premium co-polyester string which offers excellent power, together with maximum spin potential and a lively feel. The construction is a hexagonal cross section and is extremely durable and maintains tension for great ball control.

Pro's pro  iString Super Soft 16L 1.25mm - BLUE - a co-polyester string using a variety of the latest materials, resulting in increased flexibility but without compromising on strength. iString Super Soft is more elastic than traditional co-polyester strings which allows a softer ball bounce, added comfort and is more arm friendly. Other benefits include excellent durability and tension manintenance.

Pro's pro Synthetic Gut 16 1.30mm - RED - a performance based, classical synthetic string with a robust, monofilament core wrapped with a super-elastic filament layer. This string offers the perfect compromise between durability and good playability.


*Hybrid (mix of two different strings) options are also available.