Tournament details

One Day Tournaments

Davis Cup (April)

This is a doubles tournament using the "American" format, run by a long-term member, Chris Davis. Entries are limited to the first 32 players.

Wing Plate (April)

This is a doubles tournament where partners change throughout the day and are drawn at random for each match played. Matches will consist of playing a certain number of games with one partner and then the same number with another partner within the drawn 4.

The only stipulation is that the two strongest players within each ladies' or men's doubles do not play together. At the end of the day (normally played between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm) the top ladies' points winner and men's points winner will share the trophy.

Corben Plate (October)

This is a mixed doubles tournament where pairs do not change. Pairs play round robin within a group of four or five pairs over a set number of games and then group winners progress to a knock-out semi-final/final stage. The overall winning pair will share the trophy for the coming year.

King Cup (August)

This has now become an annual fixture in a doubles format with sliding handicap. This tournament is run by ex-Chairman Roger King (cream teas a speciality)

Christmas Tournament (December)

Mince pies and tennis followed by the Chairman's drinks


Other 1 day tournaments will be slotted into the schedules as the season progresses. Entry for all the above tournaments are via the club noticeboard/e-mail.