Team leagues

Team tennis is a very important part of the playing experience at Twickenham, with members encouraged to constantly improve their level of play and compete for places in the team squads. Generally there will be a squad of approximately eight players for a six person team. These are selected by the team captains in conjunction with the team coach. Regular practice sessions are organised, and team coaching is available on demand either as a group or individually from Rob Blundell.

Year-round team tennis is available with the teams and their respective leagues shown below: 

Middlesex Summer Leagues (May-August)

Ladies 1 - Division 1 Capt M Akiyama
Ladies 2 - Division 4 Capt A Cardy
Ladies 3 - Division 7 Capt A Aldrich-Blake
Mens 1 - Division 2  Capt R Blundell
Mens 2 - Division 4 Capt A Cardy
Mens 3 - Division 6  Capt D Gabrielides
Mens 4 - Division 8 Capt R Francis

Middlesex National League (Formerly Aegon)(April-June)

Ladies Div 3  Capts P Harrington/A Newport

Middlesex Summer Mixed Cup (April-July)

Mixed Div 2 Capt M Akiyama

Floodlit Leagues (September-March)

Ladies 1 - Division 3W Capt M Akiyama
Ladies 2 - Division 4W Capt A Cardy
Ladies 3 - Division 5W Capt J Piasek

Mens 1 - Division 3W Capt T Brewis

Mixed Team 1 - Division 1W Capt R Blundell

Mixed Team 2 - Division 2W Capt S Cecil

Winter Mixed Cup (September-March)

Ladies Div 2 Capt M Akiyama

Mens Div 2 Capt R Blundell

Veterans Leagues (Mixed) (September-March)

Team 1 - Division 3W Capt A Newport
Team 2 - Division 5W Capt P Harrington
Team 3 - Division 7W Capt G Gamble